What we're about

The Indiana PA Permaculture* Guild (IPPG) is an open community dedicated to connecting like-minded individuals interested in permaculture design and the practices of sustainability. Through fostering collaboration and cooperation the IPPG serves as a resource hub for sharing ideas, information, experiences, tools, skills, and more. Join us also on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/590000487870978/

The IPPG welcomes practitioners/those interested in the following areas:
-Edible Landscaping
-Organic Gardening & Orcharding
-Lawn Conversions/Growing Food Not Lawns
-Natural Building
-Earth Ovens / Cob / Rocket Stoves
-Perennial Agriculture
-Renewable & Alternative Energy
-Local Food, Farming & Homesteading
-Natural Building
-Craft/DIY/Fiber Arts
-Foraging & Wildcrafting
-Cooking & Food Preservation
-Holistic Health & Living
-Composting & Waste Systems
-Water & Rainwater Harvesting
-Nature Awareness
-Primitive Skills

*What is permaculture? Permaculture is a whole-systems design protocol modeled on the observation and study of natural systems. Permaculturists use the principles of interconnection, diversity, resiliency, and conservation to design homes, landscapes, gardens, organizations, farms, and more. It helps us engage in ethical practice surrounding land use by focusing on people care, earth care, and fair share. It encourages us to develop systems that rebuild, nurture and sustain our ecological resources for generations to come.

Monthly Meetings:

Our Monthly Meetings always feature a potluck meal. Typically, they will have some educational component (a skill share where one member shares with other members, anything from seed starting to soapmaking to canning!) and may also offer swaps of various kinds. We look forward to having you join us for our monthly meeting!

Permabitzes: Many Hands Make Light Work!

A permablitz is a volunteer based work party where one IPPG member has a project they need help on and other members offer they're hands for the day. Permablitzes often include an educational/skill sharing aspect as well as shared food/potluck style lunches. Do you have a project you could use help on?

Permablitz Criteria—

• Must already have an appropriate project that you need help on; requires 3-10+ helping hands

• Must have an educational component (e.g. participants come and learn about something that they didn't know how to do)

• Must be in Indiana County

• Some permablitzes include converting lawn to garden, building raised beds, garden establishment, pasture seeding, chicken coop construction, cob building, outdoor kitchens, etc.

Contact Dana at danalynndriscoll@gmail.com to schedule a permablitz.

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