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Do you have an interest in the subject of UFO's and/or other Paranormal phenomena? Do you have a sense that "The truth is out there" but find it difficult to have a serious discussion about the subject with family or friends?

If so, and if you would have an interest in participating in informational seminar/audio-visual-media based interactions regarding the topic (open to the public, free of charge), based out of the Lafayette area but open to all - consider joining the next Meetup of our group. Nothing but open minds and good discussion here! Allow me to explain more:

I am a former radio program host (the format was somewhat similar to Coast to Coast) now residing in the state of Indiana. I have had a longtime interest in the subject, have had a professional career that has at times intersected with the phenomena, and am currently working on a series of books and/or multimedia expositions that attempt to address the subject matter in a practical, well-researched manner -- not with 'sensationalism' or a "Woo-Woo" approach to the subject.

While hosting the radio program - I found audience interaction to be a source of energy and drive for continued research. I'm finding that, in the process of developing my current project - I miss having an open group with which to interact: to test certain concepts with... to see how best to convey them in written or spoken word, to gain a sense for current levels of awareness on various specific or general aspects of the subject, etc.

To put it simply - by seeing/hearing group reaction firsthand, I believe everyone can better discuss with others the ideas and concepts of the phenomena, better convey the qualitative and quantitative data, and broaden our own understanding by learning from others.

In each meeting I'll share some structured content (well-researched/documented, verifiable, fact-based information - conveyed often through audio/visual media, not merely 'lecture') - with opportunities for Q&A from the audience, and time for group members to share/relate firsthand experiences and good resources for learning.

Over time - my hope is that members of the group will each bring and present 'case studies' from their own research/investigations, share media, drive robust discussion, and have fun while doing so!

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you in the area who also believe that "The Truth is Out There!"

Best regards,

Antonin F.

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