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Welcome to the first meetup focussed on real development and how to get things done in ServiceNow. It is where developers in the ServiceNow community can get together, network, and meet other developers purely for presenting, discussing and learning the technical, (what some might call) nerdy and geeky aspects of ServiceNow. From simple UI Actions, Client Scripts and Business Rules, etc, through to stuff like mixing phase 1 and 2 Jelly in the same UI page, how to develop your own processor, the best ways for creating Scripted Web Services, developing custom CMS, and of course, some little hacks and tweaks that make our lives that little bit easier.

Whatever level of developer you are in ServiceNow, feel free to join. Ideally, you should be working with ServiceNow at least at Administrator level and have a reasonable understanding of JavaScript.

We are stronger together than we are as Individuals.

Join us on SNDevs Slack in the #Indiana channel to discuss meetups or events happening in Indiana related to ServiceNow:

E-mail invite to the community at: http://invite.sndevs.com/ ( http://snowslack.herokuapp.com/ )

Once on Slack, utilize this list of pro-tips to help you chatting with the rest of the group like a pro: https://sndevs.com/pro-tips/

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