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What we’re about

GNU Social meeting announcement link:

The meetup group is always full because of spam bots, therefore is just a stub.  Use the GNU social/OStatus feed for meeting updates and information, its the open source way!

A monthly meeting for individuals who are interested in discussing computer security and related topics, all the way from amateur questions to up to mind-blowing theory. We meet at the City Market downtown, 2nd floor, just outside the Tomlinson Tap Room (beer, w00t!) All are welcome, regardless of level of tech knowledge, or ability to register on this site for meetings. Many attendees are not employed in a computer related field; they show up simply because they love their tech hobby. Discussion tends to wander off into odd areas- the group is much more about the social side of things than maintaining a rigid schedule of discussion topics.  We also usually attend dinner after the meeting at one of the nearby restaurants.