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This is a group for anyone in Indy or the surrounding area who is interested in algorithmic trading. We focus on sound empirical methodology for developing systems, strategies, and technology.

Currently, we focus on non-HFT algorithmic methods, primarily using python and R. However, we are a technology-stack agnostic group. We focus primarily on equities and cryptocurrencies, but are open to presentations covering other instrument types.

We aren't selling anything. We are just traders and people who are curious about trading, and want to learn from each other. Why should Chicago and NY have all the fun?

Before coming to our events, please take a moment to review our groups Code of Conduct, designed to help ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all, posted here (https://storage.googleapis.com/event-code-of-conduct/indyalgotradingcodeofconduct.html).

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QuantConnect Lean trading framework walkthrough + group member presentation

Hello all! We had a great turnout last month, and now it's time for our second meeting. We are going to try a new venue that may be a little more convenient to get to after work, and should have a little more breathing room as we were pretty full last time. Here's the TL;DR agenda: 1. Intros 2. A walkthrough of QuantConnect's (free) Lean trading platform, running a sample algo, presented by me. 3. Hopefully, a member presentation or two! 4. Social time to hang out at the end. Longer version: For this meetup, I will present a walkthrough of QuantConnect's algotrading platform. We will go from 0 to a basic trading algorithm using crypto data. They have a free cloud version, and a free version that you can run locally. As always, we aren't selling anything, this is just a platform I've been exploring lately, and I think some of the group members might find it interesting as well. I would love it if anyone else wanted to do a short 10-20 minute presentation on any relevant topic as well. Has anyone done any data warehousing work after our last discussion on that topic? After our first meeting, I know for a fact that there are others in the group with knowledge to share on multiple topics! There will also be time at the end for social discussion and hanging out. A presentation doesn't have to be long -- if you have a topic you think the group might be interested in, drop me a message with a proposal and we will attempt to work it in for the meeting. Remember that we have all skill and experience levels at this group, so something that you think might be too simple is probably actually quite relevant to someone. We will be ordering pizza and beer again, so please RSVP so that we can properly order. We have added a small fee to the meetup to cover the cost of the food and drink, but if you don't want to eat or drink and still want to attend, feel free to show up anyways. If you are going to do this, please just drop me a message so that we will make sure to save you a seat. Also, thank you to those who pitched in for the food and drink last time. Thank you to VirtuUSA for hosting us. There is ample free parking in their parking lot right on Meridian street. Also, a note that as always -- no services or goods are being offered -- there is no sales pitch for trading coaching, software, newsletters, etc. The purpose of this meetup is to build community among Indianapolis algorithmic traders. Finally, before participating in our group, please take a moment to review our Code of Conduct: https://storage.googleapis.com/event-code-of-conduct/indyalgotradingcodeofconduct.html

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