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India is a friendly nation with Japan and United Kingdom for centuries. The deep bilateral engagement between India and United Kingdom is of the highest order in the international community. On the other hand, over the past one decade, the steep bilateral developments between India and Japan across varied domains have raised engagements to an unprecedented heights post Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between India and Japan from 2011.

The new India – Japan partnership which is also called Japan and India Vision 2025 Special Strategic and Global Partnership Working Together for Peace and Prosperity of the Indo-Pacific Region and the World” would serve as a guide for the “new era in Japan-India relations across Asia, Europe and Africa with India being natural partners in the middle both geo politically and geo economically has opened new dawn of infinite untapped opportunities for the international community to connect and associate with the people, business and Industry that connects India with the Global Indian Diasporas from the EXTREME FAR EAST TO EXTREME FAR WEST.

There are over 50 million Indian people living overseas who have excelled in their respective spaces and are easily accessible in different countries and are deeply rooted back with India in addition to a billion plus people who reside in India. There had never been before a GOOD TIME like today to connect the international community with the Indians all over the world.

It is evident that the bondage with India will become stronger and transparent with accessible information localized for India specific to the country. There is a lot of work ahead for all of us. The success will largely depend on how we find ways to connect people to people, people to business and business to industry with the people of India from India and also with the people of India from other countries. The motto of this forum is to work selflessly and assist people, business and industry to engage and generate information to empower everyone in the group’s ecosystem surrounding India. We strongly believe that information is the basis of engagement and will play pivotal in ongoing communication followed by incubation.

Our forum is engaging India with the people, business and industry in Japan and India for the last 10 years. In the present cycle, the Forum is looking forward to interact with the people, business and industry in the United Kingdom. We are equally looking forward to hearing and associating with groups and friends from other countries who want to engage this forum in their respective countries. Please do let us know.

Mission: Make in India & Skill India are the lifeline mission under the guidance of His Excellency Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. Our FORUM’s mission is to take international community into confidence by continuously assisting them to participate and engage with Indians in varieties of India’s sectors comprises of services, manufacturing and the peoples domain. The FORUM intends to connects India with the Global Audiences.

Vision: A collective contributing approach for sharing culture, knowledge, wisdom, skill, connections for empowering everyone in their effort to connect with Global Indian Audiences.

About Us: Our Forum is advocated by experts from the varied Industry who are engaged in promoting India in Japan, India and the United Kingdom. Most of the promoters of this forum are individuals who carry more than a decade of experiences assisting and promoting India and are also responsible for spearheading different SME associations to large Industry bodies that governs around India. This association allow us to bring experts from varied fields to come to our forum and share their knowledge about India surrounding culture, education (Skill India), skill, business, Start ups, Investment opportunities, Manufacturing & Service industry (Make in India), BPO, partnerships and lot more. It is worthwhile for the international community to attend this forum as it will give you direct access and will connect you to the Indian industry leaders who are successful not only in India but in different countries and will share their success stories with you.

Mark your calendar for our next event in United Kingdom, Japan and India. We are looking forward to your participation in our endeavor to connect India with all of you.

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