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What we're about...

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Are you a writer, author, or blogger?

Are you interested in self-publishing a book?

Are you interested in finding an audience for your fiction or nonfiction?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you've come to the right place.

Join a group of indie authors to learn, discover, and create.

Possible topics include: the craft of writing; how to find and work with an editor; how to format and distribute your books; trends in indie publishing; marketing tactics; platform and strategy; the leaders of self publishing in the 21st century; and much more.

All indie authors, artists, wannabes, hacks, storytellers, and yarn-spinners welcome.

No experience necessary, but come prepared.

Note: This group began in Austin, Texas. Cate (the current organizer) moved to Boise, so she's brought the group with her = )

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4948 W Kootenai St

Funnels & Newsletters

4948 W Kootenai St

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