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Andrew Jason S.



San Diego, CA

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Jun 29, 2018


Hey! I'm Andrew. I've been working as a Creative for 10+ years, doing Graphic Design, UI/UX, Illustration, GameDev, Music, Motion GFX, Video, & Web Design/Code, etc. My goal here is to work alongside others aiming to finish & share passion projects.

What is your experience with Game Dev, Music, and/or Comics?

GAMEDEV: I have created many unfinished game projects that I want to finish once and for all (I do all parts myself, so it is tough to stay on track and dedicated). MUSIC: I have about 100 music recordings and written pieces and ideas just sitting on my hard drive (spanning over a decade) that I want to finish and share with "the world". I also just want to reconnect with my musical side , with other people. COMICS: I have several ideas for comics that I just never committed to enough. I am the kind of person that will create branding, a few strips, characters bios, complex strory outlines, etc. only to get caught up on other projects or life stuff a month later... I want to break that habit.

What are you looking to get from this group?

Meet and work with local artists and creatives who know the struggle™ and want to break through to the other side of their projects.

What tools do you use?

GAMEDEV: Stencyl for building (sometimes GameMaker or Unity), Photoshop or PyxelEdit for Art, see 'Music' section for sound. MUSIC: Garageband,,, and sometimes Audacity. I used to use Cakewalk and Protools WAY back int the day. I currently use a Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ microphone, a few guitars, and a USB midi keyboard. COMICS: Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq 12WX, .7mm mechanical pencils and various artist pens. Might get an iPad, one of these days.

Where can people find what you are working on?

I post weekly Mashup Illustrations, sketches, pixel and game art on my Instagram at I am hoping to put more music up soon on my SoundCloud and I have a Game Dev Blog for my WIP game "Anxiety Adventure" at I am aiming for this group to help me fill up these avenues with much more consistent content.