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Northeast Meetup: Potluck
This Northeast meetup happens every 3rd Monday of every month at Verdugo Bar, and alternates between a video game showcase and a potluck. On Monday November 19th, we will be having a potluck (bringing food is allowed at this venue.) Sorry, since this meetup is at a bar, this event is 21+ only. If you RSVP "yes", at some point before the meetup, you can write in the comment section what you are planning to bring. You don't have to bring anything fancy if you don't like to cook - but let's try to avoid all bringing the same thing if possible. Also avoid bringing anything very difficult to share or very difficult to eat. Please do not bring any drinks (alcoholic or not), since it would be best to purchase them at the bar (no obligation to drink alcohol - you can always buy a soda, juice or water.) Alcohol is also an option of course and there are some small happy hour discounts until 8pm. If you don't have time to cook or buy food before this event, no worries, you are still welcome (and to be honest we tend to have too much.) Aside from eating a bunch of food, this is a good place to chat about games, and meet new people. Hope to see you there!

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    Great friends make great games! Learn to make video games in a rockin' community of inspired game creators, artists, musicians, and all around radical dudes and dames, like your spiffing self.

    Let's bring more Games into the world! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

    ~ The Indie Dev Club Manifesto ~

    The wonder, passion, and anything-is-possible spirit of childhood.

    The experience of being a kid, loving video games, and wanting to make them yourself.

    Indie Dev Club is here to capture the spirit in that moment of aspiration and make the purest expression of self and empowerment a possibility.

    The ability to make games is the power to create worlds, to gift joy to others, and to express your true self. Those same three feelings form the experience of humanness.

    True learning is social. You learn best from people who you like and respect, and who like and respect you.

    True learning is in service of a goal. You learn best when you are invigorated by your dreams and the realization of your personal values. Learning to do a task becomes heroic when in service to a worthy goal.

    True learning is challenging. In games and in martial arts, training is more rewarding when you can look at your peer and you both know that you're doing something really difficult so that you can better yourself and accomplish something really cool in the future.

    True learning is fun. We acknowledge that making games is difficult, but doing something difficult with friends is fun.

    How do you define a quest? :Having fun, overcoming great difficulty, in service of a goal, with friends. The same kind that made our digital childhoods so captivating.

    Indie Dev Club is the proverbial tavern, to bring us together on this quest for development skills and humanness!

    Let's bring more Games into the world! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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