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This group is a place for independent game developers who live in the Silicon Valley (near San Jose, Mountain View, Palo Alto, and Los Altos) to discuss design trends, platforms, tools, testing and sales techniques, the media, the IRS, lawyers, cloning, pirates, advertising, publishers, stupid mistakes we've made, and anything else that is relevant to an indie developer who wants to successfully make it in the games industry.

There are DOZENS of game development events and groups with very specific topics in the Bay Area. Attempting to go to all of them is insane. Let's use this group to discuss what we've learned at other venues. This will be our crowdsourcing for indies project!

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Let's chat about making games over some tea!

Olympus cafe and bakery

Let's chat about game dev over some tea!

Olympus cafe and bakery

Game Dev Mini Talks September

Google MTV-PR55 in the Emoji room

Let's chat about game development!

Olympus cafe and bakery

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