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This group is a place for independent game developers who live in the Silicon Valley (near San Jose, Mountain View, Palo Alto, and Los Altos) to discuss design trends, platforms, tools, testing and sales techniques, the media, the IRS, lawyers, cloning, pirates, advertising, publishers, stupid mistakes we've made, and anything else that is relevant to an indie developer who wants to successfully make it in the games industry.

Find us and other Bay Area devs, events & resources at ! The mission of Bay Area Games is to help game developers in the Bay Area connect, learn & self promote. The site is intended to be developed by the community itself, and the more voices we have the more valuable the site will become for everyone, so we encourage you to contribute!

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[Virtual] Indie Game Testing Night!

Online event

Hi everyone!

We’re hosting an indie game test night on discord Friday April 30th at 7pm. Come help us make our games better through the power of trial and error!

You can find the discord here:

Last time was a success so we're doing it again! This will be a great chance to get feedback on your projects or play games as they are being developed and give feedback to help improve them.

Some notes:

> This is an open event, if you have a game ready day-of we’ll help you test it!

> We’ll setup a virtual table for each game, where each dev can setup to watch people play their game.

> You are totally welcome to come and just watch if that's what you want to do!

> A challenge facing virtual play tests is game distribution, here are some options you can try depending on your needs:

• Build for web and host it
• Upload to a beta branch on Steam
• Setup Steam Remote Play
• Upload zips for different platforms to, dropbox, google drive, etc.
• Host the game on your computer and allow them to connect over Parsec
• For Android you can side-load apks from any hosted spot, like google drive etc, or you can use Google Play to setup a test. (
• On iOS you can use TestFlight to distribute betas

Also Graeme will be running the show this time!

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[Virtual] Indie Game Testing Night!

Online event

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