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StoryMasters —Advanced Notions in Novel Writing
Gordon Kessler himself is swinging through in his RV! Here's what he's planning on presenting in the October meeting: Seven Simple Ways to Improve and Supercharge Your Stories o Developing Multi-Dimensional Characters o Design Intertwining and Enthralling Subplots o Constructing Interactive Setting, Details & Description o Using Seductive Syntax and Passive vs. Active Pros o Functional Telling & Showing o Essential/impactful Dialogue o Ramping Up Action As always, our meetings are for all writers from beginners to seasoned novelists—for all genres from romance to thrillers and mysteries. In these monthly meetings, we’ll discuss your journey along the writer’s pathway to great storytelling, as we explore everything from the basics to advanced notions in fiction writing, including: • Characters and Characterization; • Sympathy and Empathy; • Internal and External Conflict; • Deep Point of View and Psychic Distance; • Narration and Free Indirect Discourse; • Description and Imagery; • Subtext and Internalization; • Dialogue and Tagging; • Seeding and Devices; • Plotting and Subplots; • Drama and Dramatic Question; • Dynamic Writing and Self-Editing. Our time will not only involve discussing writing techniques but each other's works in progress, as well, as we journey on an enlightened path to make our stories the very best they can be. Come Join Us, Won't You?

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