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This group is for indie game makers of all types: whether you are just curious about making your own games or have been doing it for years, a coder or an artist... All are welcome!

Hang out with like-minded people, share ideas, network, learn and show off your games!

We aim to focus on Enthusiasm, Sharing and Networking with a mission to bring people involved in the gaming industry living in Bangkok area together. Let them spark, ignite, share, or talk with each others with an expected hope to create great environment and atmosphere backing up as energy for indies to move on and create / finish their own game.

Any roles involved in gaming industry as a whole are very welcome, whether it is hippy artist, maniac SFX/music composer, flexible producer, elite game developers, or even top notch executives. Just make sure to bring indie spirit with you.

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Going Inter being ready for AEC
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Talk about starting an online development and publishing business as it pertains to the current state of our Eco-system as well as how we can take gaming in Thailand to the international markets.

Share what works and what doesn't as well as what are our competitive advantage and what are our weaknesses.

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Successfully Making an Indie Game (Jan 19, 2017)

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