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**Our group is currently in the process of changing locations! Please stay tuned for our updated meeting spot. Thank you for your patience!

This meetup is designed to be a place where Indigo-Crystal young adults can get together, relate their experiences and learn together through the sharing of their unique perspectives. This group asks for a $10 donation, for rent and group fees. There will be group sharing as well as instruction on the different aspects of working with the increased sensitivity that the Indigo-Crystal perspective offers.

If you get approved for this group and plan on coming to one of our meetups, we ask that you RSVP to said meetup, no matter what. Due to the sensitivity of the people in this group, we appreciate if people not drop in without first signing up. Thank you for your understanding!

How do you define Indigo or Crystal? - There are many different definitions for these terms. Here, we are choosing to define Indigo and Crystal people as those born around or after the energetic shift of 1978 who carry a slightly different “wiring”.

This different “wiring” that we carry can accompany a great sensitivity to stimuli, thoughts or feeling of others. This “wiring” also carries a different type access to awareness and with that an increased connection to what could be termed the “universal mind”.

This increased awareness brings great potential for understanding and healing. With this, however, there is often great awareness of that which is ready to be healed.

We are people who actively express the abilities to do the work of this next level of existence that the Earth is shifting to.

How do I know if I am an Indigo or Crystal person? -Indigos & Crystals share many overlaps, but their biggest difference is their temperament. The Indigos are the fiery, warrior system busters. They came here on a mission to break down our old outdated ways of thinking, so they needed to come here with incredibly strong personalities & wills. They are natural lie detectors and absolutely detest dishonesty, even coming off as rude or blunt. So many times they may shock other people with their bluntness, but alas, they are impulsive quick thinkers and passionate about their beliefs. They do not do well with authority and rebel against the "norm" They must understand why something is the way it is, they will not just blindly follow.

Although they come to this life with a strong sense of royalty & a larger purpose, they are quite sensitive & insecure about themselves and their abilities, which may cause them to get lost in addictions or emotional challenges such as depression and anxiety; due to the rest of the world telling them to "sit down and shut up" and to "fit in". They get confused and frustrated because in they came with a wiring in their soul to not conform to how society tells us to be, but the pressures of human life and pain of being different cause them to get frazzled. Indigos many times often incarnate in dysfunctional / nonspiritual families, to be of the light to them and help guide them towards this new shift in consciousness. Their first job is their family, their second job is the world. They are incredibly courageous for this.

Crystals are of a much calmer temperament. Many of them chose spiritual, non-dysfunctional families to incarnate into, to help them develop their gifts. It is the Indigo's job to come here with the machetes and break down our old outdated ways of thinking, it is the Crystals job to build a new, more loving system out of the rubble. They are most commented as children as being "little angels" and having beautiful, large, piercing eyes. They are natural healers and listeners and they share it with everyone. Hugging, loving, helping and healing all come naturally to Crystals. They may have delayed speech patterns because they are incredibly telepathic and are here to usher in the new era where humans speak with their minds and intuition. Concerned parents may take them to doctors who will diagnose them with autism. Their bodies are incredibly sensitive and they struggle with skin and stomach disorders such as rashes and food sensitivities. They are drawn and attracted to healing with the hands and crystals. Each person will choose to express their abilities in a different way, however some some common traits these two overlap are:

• Extreme sensitivity to energies of people, animals and nature. May talk to trees or know how animals are feeling.

• May either be hyper aware of their own emotions or have been greatly distanced from their emotional bodies.

• Often derive great sense of relief/understanding/joy from being around other Indigo-Crystal people. We know they just “get it”, though “it” may be hard to describe exactly in the moment.

• Often diagnosed with learning disabilities, such as ADD/ADHD or find themselves medicated to ease interaction with the world in some way.

• Often have a strong desire to be of service, or to help the world in some way.

• Have been told they are an "old soul" with a piercing stare.

Jason Riggs is a clairvoyant spiritual channel, healer and meditation instructor who is skilled in understanding and working with the subtle energies that can throw Indigo or Crystal people out of alignment so easily. He also identifies as someone who came into this life with different wiring, which he only much later learned that some refer to as Crystal or Indigo. Though it was a poor fit, he took the path of medication in order to make his way through the educational system and ultimately earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering from U of M. Since then, through intensive self reflection, healing practices and meditation, as well as finding his own communities of support, he has been able to further understand his own challenges and work with them in an increasingly skillful manner.

Regan White sees herself as the textbook definition of the Indigo Child. She was very psychic and interested in all things paranormal as a child. She grew up with an indescribable frustration from knowing she was different, and spent much of her time looking for answers. She finally found some comfort in being medicated for depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Her fiery, warrior, blunt, anxious and insecure personality made many people uncomfortable. She grew up feeling extremely alone, isolated and that something was majorly wrong with her. When she was done being a destructive, rebellious, angry teenager, she decided to revisit her passion for spirituality and self discovery. When she found out what she was, it was the moment she had been waiting for all her life. She continues to learn and work on herself so that she can give others what she has been given. She is passionate about helping people and wants to give other struggling and lost lightworkers some of her knowledge and experiences.

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