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If you are a progressive who seeks an outlet for your frustration, anxiety and desire to make a change, join us. (https://indivisiblesausalito.com/#popmake-545)

If you are a progressive who cares about social justice, join us. (https://indivisiblesausalito.com/#popmake-545)

If you are a progressive who longs to be a part of a community of others like you, join us. (https://indivisiblesausalito.com/#popmake-545)

Indivisible Sausalito is a local grassroots organization focused on resisting the Trump administration and demanding that our elected officials reflect our values. We stand for fundamental human rights and a government by the people, for the people, and of the people.

Power of Many – In Sausalito we are “Small But Mighty” and as an Indivisible group we are part of a national network of 6,000 chapters, at least one in every congressional district in the country. Locally, regionally, statewide, and nationally, we talk to each other, we share best practices and strategize on how to use our combined power to effect change. If you join Indivisible, you are not just joining a group you are joining a Movement.

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Monthly Meeting

333 Caledonia St

In honor of Earth Day (April 22!) we are focusing on Climate this month, specifically what we can do personally and locally to make a difference. We owe it to our neighbors and to our planet to explore every opportunity to take a personal stand against the climate crisis. We'll hear from Resilient Neighborhoods, which helps you do your part to address climate change by reducing your own carbon emissions, and we help you build resilience in your community by becoming prepared for emergencies or disruptions, getting to know neighbors (who may be the only people there to help each other), and supporting local business and agriculture who may sustain us when outside supplies are unavailable. Working together, we can show that we are willing and able to take the action needed to avert run-away climate change and to prepare ourselves for the changes already taking place.and we'll commit to setting up a community team (doesn't matter where you live!) to reduce our carbon footprints. We'll also hear from Sausalito's Sustainability Commission to learn what Sausalito and other Marin towns can do collectively to address climate change. Please bring friends, family, neighbors, because you have to!

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Postcard Party!

Salito's Crab House & Prime Rib

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