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Col Chandra served the Indian Army for almost 3 decades and later, worked with several Corporate and Non-Profit organizations as training and development leader. Presently, he is working as a Life Coach, Parenting Coach and Executive Coach. He aims to collaborate with young people to enable them to see life and its challenges with more clarity while empowering them to maximize their full potential. He is available to conduct personal coaching sessions online.

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About the group -

Self-development is key to achieving life goals. Our relationship with self is the most powerful connection that holds the key to our future. This determines how we make decisions and the manner in which we determine our life goals.

The essential question is – do we manage our motivation with dismissal and disregard or do we use the tools of recognition, reinforcement and reward? The discovery of our relationship with the self illuminates new outlook for growth and self-development.

Co-active Conversations offers a unique way to explore, raise awareness & enable the ability to take actions which resonate with your aspirations. The sessions will help to identify values, goal setting, life balance and self-management techniques.

Through active discussions we will address the self-limiting behaviour that often show up most strongly just when we need the courage to take risks. It allows the possibility of brainstorming alternative action steps that might help us overcome actions that sabotage desires, plans and dreams.

Please note the below important points –

1. The sessions are designed with the assumption that participants possess their own answers to their individual challenges
2. These will not be counselling sessions but conversations that will help to identify self-management strategies.
3. The sessions/workshops will only be directive and not remedial. Please do not expect instant results as self-development is a deliberate & gradual process.

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