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I often find myself waking up at 9am on a Sunday, cycling down to Corsica on my own and catching Jaded. For any techno lovers that would like to do the same, enjoy the grittier side of techno or want to go to events, dj, discuss production, do production etc.

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Jam Session

Roach Road

Techno inspired jamming session for anyone interested. Bring your drum machines, synths, keyboards, modulars, laptops etc. If anyone is interested in production, but doesn't have any gear to bring down, then just come along anyway as I'm sure there will be plenty of talk about production. I'm happy to let people on mine and show them how it works if they are unfamiliar with it. My gear is pictured: a Eurorack system, Synthstrom Deluge and a Moog DFAM. If you're bringing something down then beforehand please consider: -bringing all the appropriate cables (I have some spares but may not have what is required) -Work out or know how your gear will be synced up to everybody else's. Specifically clock and reset in, read the manuals if you aren't sure. We'll have to decide what/who will be the master clock -How to monitor your own gear without it going out on the master track. If you want to preview stuff or prepare stuff whilst other people are playing on the master channel then you'll need headphones and a way of doing that. Otherwise everyone will be playing at once I Yamaha NS7's and a 12 channel mixer we can use as the master mixer. Inputs are either Mic/XLR or line input 1/4 inch jack. Once people RSVP we can get an idea of the gear people are bringing and sort out connections and syncing. I'll be hosting at my place. I've got a big kitchen island which easily has enough space for 6 people to setup potentially 8 depending on the size of the equipment. It's residential so I can have the volume up a bit but can't take the piss. Initially got it down from 1pm until 5pm but am flexible on that. Feel free to bring food and drink.

E1 Invites: Perc & Ansome, Cristian Varela + Headless Horseman

Perc & Ansome, what more to say! Venue bit in the middle of nowhere but might do some pre drinks up the road in Whitechapel unless anyone knows anywhere nearer! See y'all there! https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1252812

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Paula Temple @ Village Underground

Village Underground

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