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This meetup is for anyone involved in industry 4.0 in Israel - startups, mentors, industrial company veterans, tech companies, solution providers etc.
Sub-domains include innovations in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), AI and big data, industrial robotics, predictive maintenance, operations optimization, SCM - supply chain management, logistics, MES and ERP, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, energy management, safety, QA - quality assurance and testing, PLC - product life cycle management and more. 

The meetup is organized by The Galilee Accelerator for Smart Industry: www.galil-accelerator.org.il
The Galilee Accelerator is a program dedicated to Israeli early-stage startups, developing solutions and business models that can transform the manufacturing sector.

The program is managed by Ort Braude Academic Engineering College KarmielMisgav Regional Council, Karmiel municipality i4valley incubator and  KLA Israel, cooperating with industrial companies - Israeli and multi-national ones.  
We've established a network of industrial and tech companies, Israeli and multi-national, to help our entrepreneurs succeed while benefiting from innovative solutions and top-notch startup engagement.

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