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Are you new to Functional Programming? Do you have a co-worker that won't shut up about FP? Have you been doing FP for years? Regardless of how much experience you have, this is a group to discuss anything involving functional programming.

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Live Coding Neural Networks

SEP Product Design Studio

Sadly we had to reschedule our talk about functional C# because of a time conflict one of the speakers had. Instead we will be talking about Neural Networks! If this is an area you are interested I really recommend coming out to this talk. It will be a friend introduction to what can be a daunting topic. Check out the description below for full details. As always there will be free bazbeaux's pizza so be sure to RSVP. # Live Coding Neural Nets In this talk we are going to use apache mxnet to do some live coding with neural networks. This talk will be an explanation and demo of neural networks for the absolute beginner. We learn what neural networks are, but most importantly, we will being able to watch them as they learn. This talk will focus on helping gain an intuition on how neural networks operate. We will start with very basic neural networks that we can train on the fly. Then we will discuss more complex networks and touch on new exciting research that has been done on simplifying and understanding neural networks as well as efforts to extend these abilities into our programming languages themselves.

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