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Don't Write Tests, Generate Them

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This months talk will be a practical talk about property-based testing. If you love the benefits tests bring but hate writing them, this is a talk for you. We will be explore a way to have the computer generate test cases for you. Regardless language you are using in your day job (Java, C#, Javascript, Python, etc...) this is a technique you can apply at your job immediately. (Full talk description below)

As always there will be free Bazbeauz's pizza so please RSVP so we ensure we have enough.

#### Don't Write Tests, Generate Them ####

In this talk we will explore property-based testing. With property-based testing, rather than the programmer providing example inputs and outputs (as is the case with unit tests), the program itself generates hundreds or potentially thousands of inputs and runs them through a series of tests. The programmer's job is to provide properties that must hold between the inputs and outputs. This may be as simple as "this function never throws an error" or it may involve complicated business or mathematical logic.

Property-based testing came out of the Haskell community, but rather than focus on one language, we will use examples from languages people use at work. The focus will be on the concepts and how you might apply them to your day job. We will talk about practical patterns to bring property-based testing into your existing code base. But, believing that theory is practical and practice is theoretical, we will also dive in a bit to the implementation of these libraries, showing how functional programming creates the right environment for these solutions to flourish.