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This is a closed meeting for Studio Members only (SMs). If you are interested in becoming a Studio member, please ask me or one of our members for a SM request form. What is a Studio Member? All Studio members are members of IMUPC (Indy Meetup Photo Club). Members are those who want "their own studio", but knowing studio space is very expensive, have agreed to go together to form "this studio" as a for-profit arm of IMUPC. Chosen name is "StoryBook Studios" because it allows each studio member (SM) to tell their story (via pictures) in whatever means they choose… lives, sports, weddings, headshots, seniors, fashion, products, food, portraiture, events, and all those things that are part of our lives. There is an additional monthly fee, which includes use of the studio and more. Cost is split depending on the number of members. IMUPC utilizes this space for meetings as I pay additional to maintain us, as a club, to have our own space. Currently, I am willing to share some of my studio time with members, such as winners of various contests, those who attend meetings faithfully, etc. What are SM expectations from IMUPC: SM must attend meetings and be actively involved with the club. We want to know our studio members and develop a strong level of trust amongst its members, and be cooperative toward other club members….as the mission of the club is to be willing to share knowledge. For special events, they will take team-leadership roles. Can non-IMUPC folks be members of the Studio? Yes, if they join IMUPC and adhere to the guidelines mentioned above, because the studio is an arm of IMUPC. IMUPC’s foundation is based on teaching, sharing, fellowship, socializing, and charity. Studio space can be rented. If you would like to "rent" studio space, but not become a member, please see myself or Tammy (Tammy is our bookkeeper and will know when space is available). Do you need to bring your own equipment? No, unless you want something we do not currently have available. For our teaching purposes, we use the studio’s equipment. Will there be a cut-off number (a Cap) to how many Studio Members will be allowed? We currently have a cap of 30.

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What we're about

EVERY PICTURE SHOULD TELL A STORY...YOUR story, the one YOU want told.

Your story (picture) should be unique.

IMUPC (Indy Meetup Photo Club) and its newly added StoryBook Studios, is where we work with and have fun with our members to help them achieve their goals...of telling their stories thru their photographs.

IMUPC is not a traditional club; it is not structured in the same manner, nor does it carry on its business as most clubs. The word “club” is used loosely. Instead, it is a group of individuals with like interests and is part of a national organization, called Meetup. We are a photo group, not a club, per se, and have been existence for a little over 10 years.

We're the only club whose main-focus is on beginners and intermediates. Members are "anyone and any level" wishing to learn or assist. Hence the club is made up of beginners, intermediates, and professionals. All makes of cameras, equipment and gear are welcomed. We enjoy seeing old and new equipment...they all assist with telling a story and are a story in themselves!

IMUPC was organized to meet the needs for all levels and exists to foster a platform for learning and growing thru informal educational opportunities. The club provides a variety of topics in its meetings with most taking place at the meeting location. Over the years, we have had guest speakers, study of camera basics, composition, critiquing, equipment, gear, study of light and studio equipment, educational videos, editing and post-processing classes, field trips, association with photographic organizations, studios, and other club's offerings, involvement with State Fair Photo Competition, gallery shows and much more.

The club also offers fun monthly photo challenges and regular photo shoots; plus, it encourages interactions and assistance with a variety of community projects and services. Having fun and socializing while learning, a sense of good will, helping and sharing, are prime in all endeavors.

AND, as of July 2018, the club will launch a new series of meetings focusing on the studio, whether that is a studio inside (using our boutique studio) or outside (the natural Mother Nature studio).

Studio Members will be starting some new adventures as they take on some "for-profit" activities. Only studio members will be allowed to take part in these activities. So, if any IMUPC member wants to be a part or have more information, please check with me as we have very special studio member rates.

History: The club started with a small group meeting in a back room of a restaurant; then moved to the Propylaeum and its Carriage House. Later, it relocated to a conference room at the Gateway Building (owned by IU Health, where I worked), then to Zaahi Studios on the far west side of town.

Now, the group meets at its new location, complete with a studio, StoryBook Studios. This is an ideal location as it offers both meeting space and studio space. The club can now expand on what it has to offer its members. Plus, the studio strives to offer a "for-profit endeavor" for members considering going into photography for business. Those members pay an additional monthly fee to be able to use the space for their own personal business.

We're located at: 2700 East 55th Place, Suite # 9.

All IMUPC meetings start at 7 pm every Tuesday and Wednesday, effective July 2018.

All members of IMUPC may attend any of these meetings.

Tuesday meetings will focus on Studio activities. Wednesday meetings will be more Camera related.

Those meetings will be posted on the Facebook page along with on the Meetup Calendar. Facebook is: IMUPC - Indy Meetup Photo Club

Club Dues: IMUPC offers two membership options: IMUPC and Studio.

IMUPC: Offers both Tuesday and Wednesday meetings, is $30/year.

STUDIO: Studio Member dues are additional with the amount/month dependent on number of studio members. Studio members have full access to the studio, for meetings, personal business, practice sessions, etc. Membership is for those wishing to use the studio beyond regular IMUPC meetings. Studio Membership is only available to IMUPC members.

(Currently running a special membership drive: $69/month for 3 months, then regular rate. The special will run thru August 31, 2018. There will be no pro-rating if sign up is in middle of month, etc.

The goal is to get you involved and get to know your fellow-members. Help them as you also learn. The motto is to “Help yourself by helping others...without a monetary reward. Learn to feel that richness deep inside your soul!”



Opinions expressed by the Indy MU Photo Club members are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of the Indy MU Photo Club or its organizers. Indy MU Photo Club is not responsible for and does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information supplied in the website.

In addition, Indy MU Photo Club members are responsible for their own photo submissions. By submitting, members certify that photo(s) are original and do not infringe on any third-party rights. Indy MU Photo Club is not responsible for the ownership or rights to or for any photos.
Membership Expectations:

1. The Organizer is the owner of this Meetup group, called "Indy Meetup Photo Club" ("IMUPC") and the Studio (StoryBook Studios), which is a part of IMUPC; and the one who establishes direction of the club, the MISSION STATEMENT.

2. All leadership positions (organizers) are appointments made by the Organizer.

3. Members, especially those in leadership positions, are expected to be knowledgeable of the Mission Statement, Membership Expectations, and actively support it.

4. All members, regardless of type, amount of equipment, or experience or knowledge, will be treated equally and fairly. There will be no exceptions to this.

5. Integrity of the club will be maintained. Obscenity, offensive language, intimidation, snide, sarcastic, hurtful and/or derogatory comments, and/or inappropriate behavior either at or against the club, the leadership, or any of its members will not be tolerated. Bullying will not be tolerated as that is considered totally against the Mission of this club, which promotes helping and sharing. Those members exhibiting any of these behaviors may be removed from the membership, and it will be at the sole discretion of the Organizer (owner) as to any future action toward those members.

6. IMUPC will not host or be associated with photos that hint or imply inappropriate or indecency.

7. Boudoir photography can be beautiful; it can enhance gracefulness and charm; and by many considered an artful credit; but to others it's considered quite offensive, especially if taken too far. Since it borders on the fence; this club will not permit boudoir photography as a part of any of the club's agendas or on any of its associated websites. Concurrently, if a member has a link posted to/for their own website, and that site contains such, that site neither may be permitted. This club makes no judgments toward anyone wanting to pursue that area of photography...just not in this club setting.

8. Guest speakers are invited to attend educational meetings based on anticipated wants/needs of the membership. Respect and full attention is always an expectation of members. Any member who is disruptive may subject himself for dismissal either from the meeting(s) or from the club.

9. Members who step-up to lead an event are more than appreciated and given full authority for the event as long as their plans are presented to the organizer and approved.

10. Once given authority, members who sign up to assist the event host, must follow the direction of the event host.

11. Captions must accompany all pictures uploaded with exception of rules for the Monthly Photo Challenge - otherwise photos may be deleted.

12. Dues have been changed back to $30/year.

13. To participate in any meetings, photo shoots, etc., dues must be paid, unless in the pre-membership Trial (30 days). This is only fairness to those who faithfully pay dues.

14. Members who bring guests, are responsible for that person and their conduct. Age limit is 13 yo and older.

15. All cell phones, laptops, notebooks, I-Pads or any other electronic devices must be turned off and put away during meetings Use of these during a meeting, show disrespect and the person(s) involved will be asked to leave. Anyone may subject himself to dismissal from the club by continuing use.

16. Leadership members are expected to attend and take part in the Annual Gallery Show.

17. Mission and purpose of this group/club is to provide support thru a friendly and sharing atmosphere. Planned profiting (also known as capitalization) or exploitation of the club or its membership will not be tolerated.

18. Members wishing to become a Studio Member (SM) must be an active participating club member before being considered. The Studio Group (SM's) aspires to be the "for-profit" part of the club, allowing club members to profit thru various photo projects. Each SM is assessed a monthly rate to maintain the facility we all enjoy, . That rate is based on the overall number of SMs. With membership, SMs get exclusive use of the studio for their own personal use. Specific guidelines have been are being written to govern this. Please see me if interested.

As the organizer of this fabulous group, I wish to thank everyone and every contribution, sacrifice, and effort made toward making and improving its growth and health. THANK YOU!!!!

OUR MOTTO: "Helping Yourself by Helping Others"

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