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EDUCATION: SPECIAL - Only for those planning to attend Post-Processing Focus Grp


Special Meeting

(Only for those planning to attend a Photo Shop Post-Processing Focus Group)

I've repeated myself several times below because I want you to be fully aware that this meeting, this newly to be formed Focus Group, is not for everyone. Your turn will come if you can not be a part of this first Focus Group on Post-Processing. Please read below and if you still have quesitons, please email me...

This is not a select group, but the beginning, the first, of many that will follow.

This meeting will be an information gathering, information sharing meeting, etc. so, we want to formulate this with you. As you know, we have been talking about this for a good while and and many of you have indicated that you want something... When polled, we concluded from your responses that PhotoShop was your #1 choice; so, we will daringly dive into PhotoShop.

Question was raised re "other" post-processing programs. To start this, we want to concentrate on one program at a time. This immediate group will be only for those who have some version of PhotoShop on their laptop and will start at a beginners level. As this Focus Group advances, develops and grows, other programs will be introduced at a beginner level.

The next step will be to initiate a Focus Group for "all" post-processing programs....for those with maneuverability in those programs to some degree. So, both "gaduates from the beginnners level" and others who already are comfortable with either this or other programs may join that next step group once it is formed. Purpose for this immediate group is to meet the needs of those who have requested this and to get those (with PhotoShop) up and off the ground, so they can meneuver on their own and start flying. We do not want "advanced" folks in this group unless you want to help teach.

So, to repeat: for now, this early Focus Group is only for PhotoShop; it is only for beginners. PhotoShop is taking the lead. Other programs to follow, to be considered, are Elements and Lightroom; ....and possibly GIMP and Picasa. As members from each group reaches a comfort level, they will advance to the larger Focus Group that will be started...later. To take part in that next step Focus Group, you will not be required to start with beginning training....

PhotoShop is a BIG and very powerful program. It will not be a "piece of cake" to learn. Due to the enormousy of its program and its many facets, all will not be learned in this Focus Group. That could take an infinity! The hope is that those who do take part will get the tools they need to be able to jump off and learn more on their own, or thru the newly to be formed Focus Group by sharing and learning with others.

At this meeting, we want all who plan to go forward with this...not curiosity be present (email if you can't make it and do want to take part). We need to know the number of people we will be including in these sessions (number may be as low as 1 or 2, but can not be too many), what your level of experience is with PhotoShop, if/what program you have already re PhotoShop, that is version 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6...??? Other, none yet, etc. You must be totally honest. If you are a whiz at this, don't say you are a beginner, etc...and vice versa. (When I say "other" that is because I don't know if there is a version, say 3.2 or 4.5, etc)

On Thursday, once we know how many, what the expectations are, who has/can do what...we'll set some dates, times, materials needed, etc. We hope to accomplish as much fact finding and planning this Thursday evening. If you have no interest in being in this Focus Group or if you do not have or have plans to purchase/borrow PhotoShop to use in this group, do not attend as you will be taking up others time/space. If you are very comfortable and/or advanced in this program...we very much need you to help us put this program together. (Please email me if you want to help but can't make it Thursday - ).

I'm repeating again: In time, we hope to have everyone who wants to know and utilize PhotoShop, to be up to speed in this program so they can understand and contribute in some way. At that point, we'll shift gears and tackle other post processing programs as mentioned above.

Once we reach an anticipated plateau, this Focus Group will become a self-directing Focus Group that will meet on the frequency you choose to openly discuss new/learned features re post-processing. This Focus Group will not be someting that will start, and within 2 weeks you'll know everything. Instead, we will start very make sure everyone in the beginers group understands and is comfortable. Then we'll move forward, etc., adding those with some experience beyond the basics to this group. (If you are an over anxious person and want to learn faster, there are paid classes that offer this, but at a cost.) This is being offered free as a part of your membership. There are no additional fees (at least none known at this time) except that you may be asked to purchase a book...and, of course, have some version of PhotoShop on your laptop so you can follow along...and practice. (It does not matter which version...but know that you may be limited re some features.)

This early learning PhotoShop group will meet at the Attic, starting promptly at 6:30 pm. Start date has not been determined. Once the Focus Group meets its goals (with all/any post-processisng programs exposed) it, too, will meet at the Attic as the Attic has U-verse. Do not bring your laptops with you to this first meeting. However, that will be an expectation going forward, i.e. that you have your laptop with PhotoShop downloaded onto it. Find out which version of PhotoShop you have if you do not know. Although we will be using 6, do not feel that you have to go out and buy 6.

Hope to see you this Thursday at the Attic...6:30 pm.

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