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SPECIAL EVENT: "Historic Churches of Indiana"

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

1230 North Delaware Street · Indianapolis, IN

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First Friday event - 1230 North Delaware

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Annual First Friday Art Walk

President Benjamin Harrison Home

Moving our location from the Indiana Landmarks to the President Benjamin Harrison Home, located at 1200 North Delaware Street…

(2 blocks south of the Propylaeum)

"Historic Churches of Indiana"

November 1, 2013

(Gallery of the President Benjamin Harrison Home)

(Read below for guidelines and expectations.)

The President Benjamin Harrison home has welcomed us with open arms to their historically beautiful facility, the home of the 23rd President of the United States.

The President Benjamin Harrison home (“the Harrison”) is located a block and a half south of the Propylaeum. Tours are typically made throughout the whole of the house and the Carriage House. However, on the night of our gallery show, only the first floor of the Harrison will be made available for tour (and will be free). The Harrison Gallery is in the lower level of the home and quite beautiful, but it is about 2/3 the size of the 1201 Gallery at the Indiana Landmarks.

To accommodate for the space and configuration differences, we will place two X-shaped wall panels (8' and double sided) in the middle of the room. These will each allow up to 32 frames, a total of 64 with both. The Harrison Gallery does not have hanging rods like the Landmarks, but we'll have access to two 7' tall one sided 6 panel room dividers. Each panel will hold 2 frames, giving us 12 frames each divider, a total of 24 for the two. This brings us to a total of 88 spaces for our pictures, equal or more than at the Indiana Landmarks. We might add a few easels to fill in some miscellaneous open spaces if needed.

The Carriage House will not be an option due to numerous historical artifacts on display there.

We need to know who and how many photos will be displayed.

Display Areas:

1. Harrison Gallery

Two 7' one sided 6-panel wall units Two X shaped 8' wide, 6' tall two sided units (each 8' wide section will consist of four 2' panels hinged together) Some standard size easels Participation & Fees:

NO fees. However, we would appreciate you donating time to help build the X-shaped panels that will go in the middle of the room. Don Saxon has already built some for his own personal use. Ours will be similar. He said he'd get started with those, but I think we should all pitch in and help. When he sets a date for the assembly (early October), I'll get some food items and refreshments for us all to make it more of a fun time.

You will be expected to be at the gallery the full time...helping with setup and take down.

Provide the following:

Title of your picture(s) Price or state "Best offer" or "Not for sale". Do not leave it blank for people to wonder. Description of photo, i.e. Tell us "why" it is you. If it is not historical in the traditional sense, describe its historical significance to YOU". Make this approximately 25 words or more. You can hand write or type as I will be redoing or having these made up so they're all uniform. Photos/frames - Black frame (any material) with outer dimensions: "minimum of 16x20/20x16” or “maximum of 20x24/24x20." (NO exceptions) Matting - All photos must be matted - your choice of white or black. Photo Tags - Information will be preprinted for consistency. Have your information available by September 30 for printing. Anything after that date will not be accepted. If not ready by this date, those photos will be disqualified. Everything must be ready for hanging by October 25!

At this point, we do not know the exact day or time we will be allowed into the gallery. We will not be able to accommodate late comers or exceptions. If you can't be there, make arrangements for someone to accommodate or assist you.


September 30 (6:30 pm): Meeting at Propylaeum (6:30 pm)

Bring your photo or a digital copy. All photos to be displayed must be made available on this date. Most space allocations will be made during this time. October 7 (8 pm): Last date for anyone to resubmit if their photo was rejected at the September 30 meeting. (This is not a last date for submitting if not submitted September 30.

October 25: All pictures must be totally ready to hang by this date; although the hang-date may not be known until closer to this date.

November 1 (6 – 9 pm): Exhibit/Show. Be present no later than 5:30 pm and plan to stay in the area of your photo(s) or, have a designated and responsible person represent you.

Date to hang photos will be announced at a later date.

You will be responsible for transporting, staying with, and taking your own photos down.

Mini-Tour of the Harrison: Don Saxon will lead 4 mini-tours via a sign-up sheet. More information will be forthcoming re this.

If you'd like to assist in any way re the mini-tours...even to just be in the rooms to help police, guide/direct/signup people, etc., would be helpful. I believe Don said there would be approximately 10-12/tour.

(What I’d love to see, would be if we had at least 3 – 5 folks…guys or gals, dressed in period style for the tour. Not to tour, but to just be there…mull around and give atmosphere for the event.) If you enjoy this type thing, please let me/Don Saxon know asap.

If you want to help with this event in any way (suggestions: tour guide helper, security person in the various rooms of the Harrison, refreshment server, help one of the days we'll be creating the panels, setting up the panels, etc....let me or Don Saxon know.

You do not need to give us details now…just a yes, I’ll help and we’ll get in touch with you later.

Home email: [masked]