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We're a group interested in all things .NET, and the largest Microsoft developer user group in Indy. All topics are covered, from intro to advanced. From best practices to new tech to mobile to hosting. This group will focuses on solving the issues .NET Developers face every day. Plus, we're fun. Join us the first Wednesday of every month. Check out our schedule for upcoming events.

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JS Metaprogramming (In Person! + Virtual Event)

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We're back in person! With great topics and food!

We will ALSO be virtual for those who can't attend in person.

Meetup is showing this is an "online event" but it's BOTH. You can just show up - that's OK :) It seems there's a feature request for Meetup here, lol.

Time: Pizza at 6:00, Presentation Starts at 6:30pm Eastern

Location: Theoris, 9000 Keystone Crossing, Suite 230, Indianapolis

Presenter: Dave Fancher, Lead API Software Engineer, Vibenomics

Presentation Details:
Metadata, data about data, is everywhere. We seem to intrinsically understand that using data to further describe the data within our systems brings numerous benefits to taming complexity. It follows then that metaprogramming, programming that interacts with the program itself by inspecting or even manipulating its own code can bring similar benefits to our software.

Speaker Bio:
Dave Fancher is the lead API software engineer at Vibenomics in Fishers, Indiana; a former Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies; author of The Book of F#; and author of Functional Programming with C# and Building F# Type Providers on Pluralsight. He has been building software for nearly two decades with an emphasis on Microsoft technologies. Over the past several years he's focused much of his attention on functional programming. Most recently his efforts have been focused on Node.js development.

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Stop Reusing Code! (In Person! + Virtual Event)

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