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Happiness Hour - Intro to Happiness Program
Welcome to the Happiness Hour! Breath and meditation have the potential to unlock the secrets to a healthy and happy living. Come explore for yourselves! Participants are introduced to the Happiness Program which is a training workshop in self-care through use of yoga, meditation, introspection, discussions on practical wisdom and service. No fee to participate and all are welcome (beginners or experienced meditators). Sessions last about 50 mins. The sessions are organized and sponsored by The Art of Living Foundation, a spiritual and humanitarian non-profit working towards the vision of a stress-free, violence-free society by means of self-development programs involving yoga, meditation and breathing exercises as tools to develop strong connections with ourselves and people around us. Contact us for more details!

Art of Living Indianapolis

6801 Lake Plaza Dr #C308 · Indianapolis, IN

What we're about

Welcome to the "Indy Meditates" Meetup group. This group is an initiative by the local "Art of Living Foundation; a humanitarian & educational non profit organization.

Come join us to Explore Breath, to meditate and to live your life with the full potential & to be Stress Free!

We are immersed in numerous activities everyday like taking care of family, working with tough deadlines etc, during this process we might have experienced some or all of the following

1. negative emotions like anger, fear, insecurity etc.

2. low in energy and enthusiasm.

3. lack of focus and concentration on the task we are doing.

4. inability to handle stress and stressful situations.

5. lack of sleep and rest.

Breathing techniques & Meditation are effective tools to bring out our best in us and enhance the overall quality of life.

Join us for our FREE workshop at the Art of Living Center. Please look out for our future meetups.

Please note this session is open for people with any or no experience of meditation or breathing exercises.

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