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Stay Tuned: We're looking to do a relaunch of regular meetings in the near future. Please comment in the discussion area the topics you are interested in discussing or having covered with this group going forward. We have ideas, but want to hear from you!



This is a group for anyone interested in Virtual Reality, VR, AR, and surrounding emerging technologies. All skills are welcome, whether you are a VR developer, or a newcomer, or just curious about the technology, and want to demo or tryout VR for yourself.

I started this group because I want to share, and demo what hardware, and demos I have to people who are interested, also wanted to hopefully make some connections with people who also enjoy and like the tech. I consider myself a hardcore VR enthusiast and evangelist.

Other states have highly organized and huge VR groups already so I wanted to get something going here in Indiana.

These are still early days for VR as the industry says. These are also early days for this meetup. I am currently looking for free, or close to free venues to hold meetups. If you know of any venues, or have a venue, and want to host a VR meetup please contact me.

I currently have 1 DK1(will not demo), and 1 DK2, and 1 Samsung GearVR, to demo for people. I am hoping other members will also be willing to demo their hardware if they feel comfortable. Also have peripherals 1 Logitech G27 force feedback steering wheel, 1 Saitek X52 HOTAS flight control system, 2 Leap Magic motion controllers.

VR is currently in my opinion all about achieving what is called presence it is a feeling of tricking your brain, your lizard brain part that you are truly in another space a virtual space, created by the computer in most cases a game engine. Most users say you can get fleeting moment of presence with the Oculus DK2 (Development Kit).

The consumer version of VR headsets or HMDs(head mounted displays) will be available later this year(very limited initially) and next year(widely available). These coming VR HMD's(Oculus Rift, HTC/Valve Vive, and Sony Playstation VR) will have higher resolution screens and higher refresh rates, and motion controller(hand controllers) which will help achieve constant presence during use.

In my experience using game controllers example, steering wheel, and other game controllers while in VR users can achieve presence even in the DK2.

What can you do in VR?

A lot, sky's the limit

In no order, Roller Coasters, Underwater Diving, Space exploration, Architectural Visualization, Medical Applications, Social VR Applications, watch traditional media(movies, etc.), Fly Airplanes, Race Cars, other games, special experiences made for VR, Educational Experiences, the list goes on.

Here is a nice video explaining VR from HTC https://vimeo.com/139018944

If you're a reddit user I suggest this subreddit for on the edge info
https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/ ;

Past events (10)

Re-Launch Meeting (Meeting being postponed)

Needs a location

VR on Halloween at Tappers Bar

Tappers Arcade Bar

Hang out and experience room scale virtual reality

Needs a location

Sign up for the Aug18th VR meet-up at Launch Fishers

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