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Welcome to Infinite Being - Bridging the New Age Gap!

In this group we will explore various methods of self-empowerment and self-healing while bringing practical awareness into our daily lives. Get ready to experience the joy and power of being in a group when healing, learning and expanding to your fullest potential!


Infinite Being...

Mission: To facilitate the means by which those seeking the truth of themselves find it through strengthening the connection with their Infinite Being. Using an integrative approach to unite Mind, Body and Spirit, we begin to embody the everlasting principles of light and love thereby healing ourselves and the world around us.

Vision: That all those who are ready find the truth of who they are in this multidimensional universe embrace the love, light and wisdom available to all living beings.

Values: Embracing the Law of One, we realize that All are connected and therefore as we heal ourselves, we heal the collective of humanity and all around us. When the Infinite Being is centered within and the light in us is shining strong then we are capable of spreading light to all!

Join Francelys Perez, intuitive, shamanic energy healer and speaker, as we set out on this journey together!

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