What we're about

UPDATE: We now have a plan:

-43 pages/week (roughly 7 pages a day)

-Meet every two weeks

-Meetings will be easygoing but will include discussion of the sections read

OVERVIEW: This is a casual endeavor—meet-ups will act as opportunities to chat about the book, but more than anything will exist to keep people motivated (think of it as something akin to marathon training—you can train on your own, to be sure, but running with peers keeps you more honest, pushes you to stay the course). I don't expect everyone to make every meet-up, but I do plan to post goals, i.e. what chapter/section benchmark we hope to reach before the next face-to-face gathering). That way, you still have an opportunity to catch up at your own pace. Along those lines, I hope to make each meet-up goal relatively reasonable—re: I don't want anyone to feel like they have a daunting homework assignment or something (the book is DENSE, so hundreds of pages might be a big ask). Obviously, you can read past the intended benchmark, but know that other folks at the meet-ups might not have read as far (so no spoilers, as they say!). THIS ISN'T A FORMAL DISCUSSION GROUP - just a common goal and a way to make tackling this behemoth more fun!

MISSON/REASON FOR STARTING GROUP: I like David Foster Wallace and have read the bulk of his nonfiction. But I've been failing to finish Infinite Jest for almost a decade. I need someone/some folks to help keep me accountable, and—aw heck—maybe talk about the thing as we go. Could be fun. I plan to make a schedule for us, and we can meet once every week/two weeks (TBD) to grab a drink or snack and talk about the section we read. When we're done with the book, and all of our lives are inevitably irreversibly altered, we can decide whether to read something else or just carry on with our lives—again, this group is designed to help us finally finish the behemoth that is Infinite Jest. Let's do this!

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Infinite Jest, third landmark

Union Hall

Infinite Jest, 2nd Landmark (p. ~126)

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

Infinite Jest, first landmark (p. ~85)

The Standard Biergarten

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