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A book club for those interested in Science Fiction, Fantasy, PhilosophySelf Development.   
Join us for intellectual discussions and joyful conversations to challenge your mind and your perspectives with far out thinking!

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Altered Carbon

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Who of us haven't at least once, thought of what could be like to live in another body?! I'm not talking about Lindsey Lohan in Freaky Friday (I enjoyed it quite a bit when it came out, don't judge me ^^' ), it's more about your consciousness being deployed like a software into an empty minded body (sleeve)... Furthermore, imagine you could have yourself (identity, ego, awareness) downloaded equally into several bodies, interacting together as a unit, until their experiences differ and they diverge. Who would then be the real you? and what is death, if your consciousness can be digitally backed up and re-casted into a new "you"?

In Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon, humanity in the 25th century has (finally!) interstellar travel linking space colonies together by "hyperspatial" data-casting and sublight ship voyages. Human consciousness is transmitted digitally between the stars!
Meet Takeshi Kovacs, an ex U.N. ninja soldier with a dark past, who is casted into a sleeve on earth's Bay City (formerly San Francisco) to solve a mysterious crime/suicide. Follow our protagonist as he basically kick ass , while unraveling darkly weaved conspiracy, and learning what is it like to live on our planet 400 years from now.

If you're a fan of cyberpunk sci-fi (Blade Runner, Neuromancer, Ready Player One) or interested in exploring the genre, then this book is for you... Alternatively, the show on Netflix has relatively good reviews, so you could watch Season 1 and bring your sleeve to the discussion ;)

Permanent Record by Edward Snowden

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A man who needs no introduction, Edward Snowden has been variously called a traitor, a hero, a whistleblower, a dissident, a coward and a patriot. His disclosures of classified NSA documents have fueled debates over mass surveillance, government secrecy, and the balance between national security and information privacy.

If you don't have access to the book, here below are two episodes of Snowden's interviews with Joe Rogan (also available on Spotify) :

We will discuss topics of cyber security, mass surveillance, how to stay safe and keep your privacy in an ever-increasing digitized world. This topic is a big passion of mine, so if you have any questions on cyber security, feel free to come and ask anything.

/!\ Important practical note: Please note this is an outdoors event and will be organized as an after-work picnic. Bring a blanket to sit on and any food/drinks you need. Toilet is available for free at the sports center Coque. In case the weather is bad, we will move the event indoors to our usual place => Hotel Cravat.

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Infinite Pages x Mudam (Lux Museum Days)

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