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This is for anyone who has "almost" stopped looking for answers of how to bring in extra income and is asking better questions and ready for it to become a reality! How do I live this life? How can I own more of my time? How can I bring in extra income without trading time for money? How do I work smarter? What can I trust? How are others doing it? What are they doing? What if I learned more? -- I started this with my friend because we both want to take control of our lives, and we started this group to connect with other people interested in learning how to make money where we are not trading time for money - all the time for the rest of our lives! We want that time freedom and opportunities to travel and contribute in ways that are so much bigger than us. Learning why, how and now it's the most exciting time to be open minded to infinite possibilities. We want simple! We don't want one more thing. We want "the one thing." We are excited to have found that "one" thing. What we will do? We will have an open 30-minute discussion and teach you how to drive the "car of your life" and then let you ask questions as you get behind the wheel in the vehicle that can take you from where you are to where you want to be! Please join us! All welcome! Can't make it? email me at margie@margiedunki.com and I'll be happy to meet with you personally.

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