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Infinite Smile Sangha is a non-profit organization (501[c]3) that endeavors to integrate a relevant spirituality with 21st century living. Our mission is to expose ourselves, and others, to spiritual teachings that integrate stillness, wisdom, and compassion into our day-to-day lives. As we walk this path, we intend to embody the transformation that we wish to see in the world through the Zen-inspired, meditative practices that are led and taught by Michael McAlister.

In 2002, we started as a group of people taking Michael’s class on meditation. We initially met at the Community Center in Lafayette, California, but in a short time we noticed that we had evolved into something more than just a collection of meditators. We had become a community of people that were sharing a Path toward an ever deepening stillness, balance, and awareness of ourselves and others. And this community continues to grow at an amazing speed.

Currently Infinite Smile Sangha is enjoying sharing Michael’s teaching with fellow practitioners all over the globe, as the podcasts of his talks are now reaching over 100 different countries.We deeply appreciate the contributions from everyone who has been touched by this teaching. From Podcast listeners around the world, to the people who regularly attend sittings, to the people who simply like what it is that we are doing in relation to Awakening ourselves and each other to Spirit, we humbly offer our thanks.

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