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Are you a highly intuitive woman surrounded by family and friends who don’t really “get” you?

Are you on a never-ending quest for personal development, self-help and spiritual growth?

If you crave fulfilling friendships, have a desire to learn, to grow and to better understand the power behind your thoughts and emotions…

You’re in the right place!

Infinite Woman is an ever-growing community of like-minded women who join together to support and empower each other while learning to consciously create our lives...and most importantly, have fun!

There's something special about coming together with just the ladies - you can relax and enjoy just being a girl and bask in feminine energy - the most powerful force on earth.

This group was created to be a positive resource for you to connect with like-minded women while you learn to understand the power of your thoughts and emotions, and are uplifted, supported and celebrated with empowering coaching, events and retreats.

Our intention is to provide a space and time for you to reconnect with your spirit, explore your dreams, relax and create whatever you want while having fun with your feminine tribe.

With all of the MeToo and TimesUp movements happening all over the world - which are totally necessary and long overdue - I wanted to provide a space that is just for fun and female connection, without any heavy, angry or vengeful vibes toward anyone. There is a place for that in the current social climate, but not here.

My girlfriends have always been of monumental importance to me because, as I like to remind women who get too hung up on romantic relationships - you can meet and marry the person of your dreams and have a beautiful family, but then - usually (not to be morbid but statistically...) your husband will most likely die before you do and your kids will grow up and move out, if not far away.

So who are you left with?


If you're looking for a women's group that is a loving, safe, sacred place to be yourself and find new friends or soul sisters for new adventures, you've found it.

We're here whether you just want to meet new friends, find a new tribe, grow or enrich your existing social circle or just have great people to have fun with.

Join us soul-enriching events where you will gain a better understanding of your innate power to consciously create your life, receive love and support on your journey of creation and have lots of social time to make new friends and and enjoy the beautiful energy of other amazing women.

Welcome, Infinite Woman!

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Virtual Circle with Guest Lanie Marie, Sobradora of Ancestral Healing

Ladies - Join us for a Free Virtual Circle with Special Guest Laney Marie, Sobradora of Ancestral Healing – Thursday, March 4th at 3pm Pacific Time.

Laney Marie is a gifted healer who focuses on craniosacral ancestral healing and offers craniosacral therapy, craniosacral massage, ancestral healing body work and remote healing.

Laney will be sharing about her gift that has been passed down through her ancestral lineage, providing spiritual catharsis expedited through somatic experiences.

She works directly with spirit, providing emotional clearings which can help alleviate the symptoms of post traumatic stress and other mental health issues.

You can learn more about Laney Marie here –

You’ll definitely want to join us for this inspiring virtual circle.

Come hear all about Laney’s journey and how she can help you heal♥️

The private Zoom link and passcode will be sent to attendees before the session.

See you online💗

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