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Quantum Sound/Energy Healing
This healing session is a safe place to connect with what is resonating in our lives, as we fine tune our intentions. Clarity of intention gives ease to creating our next congruent steps.... you know, the place where what we say, and what we do are aligned. What would it take to amplify your dreams into reality? Be ready to have your passion for success supported and empowered? Using Access Consciousness processes, a variety of alchemy singing bowls, toning & conscious intention, this experience paves the way of creating the YOU that you really want to be. These clearing & healing sessions offer individualized attention in a group setting. Each participant spends time on the healing table receiving a personalized sound bath, where the singing bowls are placed on your body, as they reverberate a health filled tone. Forgiveness processes reveal new levels of self-love. As a result, participants report clarity of thought, as well as new opportunities opening up for them, and a feeling of deep peace. Join us for a sound healing experience like no other. Feel clean & clear, as you step into your refreshed state of being. How does it get any better than that? Let us find out together, shall we? Namaste Judson & Kathleen

House Of Soul Tones

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