What we're about

This is a group for anyone open-minded, optimistic and life-loving making efforts towards improving themselves in any area of life. Mind, body, spirit holistic evolution is an aspiration.

Part book club, part film club, part fitness club (starting spring 2018), and part adventure/travel club.

There will be lots of opportunities for networking, learning new skills, and growing as an individual within a supportive community.

With regard to films we will watch on movie nights, the primary focus will be on inspirational, motivational, and educational ones. With regard to books we/ll cover, the primary focus will be on nonfiction because this club will focus on practical personal development. In addition, there will be workshops (educational, for fellow lifelong learners), local group exploration/adventure trips like visits to new restaurants, the DIA, Belle Isle and Stoney Creek to name a few & carpooling will be encouraged. :)
Snapchat: Infinitystonz
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And all other media, Infinitystonz :)

This will be a wellness brand & online store mostly for uplifting art & decor in the near future but open to much more. It is currently in it's infancy. If you have ideas for expanding it or creative collaboration like for design work, event planning or app development to name a few, please reach out.

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Cozy Winter Soiree

Eos Café & Coffee House

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