What we're about

Simple we’re informal meetup group of like minded individuals discussing anything and everything information security. Founded back in late 2015 with the desire to build stronger community around information security within Dublin and to share education, experiences and knowledge outside of the traditional structures in a more community focused environment.

The kind of topics regularly discussed cover but are not exclusive to Ethics, Hacking, Anonymity, Application Security, Artificial Intelligence, Attribution, Black Hats, Darkwebs, Secure Coding, Cyber Warfare, GDPR, Grey Hats, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, IoT, Privacy, Quantum computing, Ransomware, Tips&Tricks and White Hats.

We’re always looking to expand and get more people involved, so if you think you can contribute please get in contact. We’re looking for people to

• Get involved as organizers

• present talks on an information security topic

• just help out facilitating meetups,

• sponsor events.

• give us feedback to improve future meetups.

Upcoming events (1)

InfoSec Dublin - January Social

The Central Hotel

An informal meetup of like minded individuals discussing everything information security and hopefully having a laugh or two while we're at it. This is an open community focused event so everyone's welcome whether you're a seasoned IT security professional or just a novice looking to learn. No real structure for the evening apart from sit down, have a drink, share ideas, discuss just about anything infosec. The Central Hotel 1st floor Bar is located 1-5 Exchequer St, Dublin 2, D02 E044 and the lounge is located upstairs on the 1st floor, just enter the hotel and take the stairs to the left of reception. Due to the nature of the Central Hotel Bar we are unable to reserve a specific seating area but it should be fine if we pull a few chairs over around one of the big tables. Should notice the table with the sticker laden laptop sitting on it. To keep up to date on other InfoSec Dublin events and general discussion pop on over to our forum here https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/infosec-dublin https://twitter.com/InfoSecDublin - Seb on behalf of InfoSec Dublin..

Past events (11)

InfoSec Dublin - December Social

The Central Hotel

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