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If you are like most people who after going through hefty priced "how to create and sell your products online" and yet you find yourself overwhelmed not doing anything with the material you invested $$$ then this group is also for you.

If you are already a subject matter expert and you are already offering your advice for money and want to create a digital product, market it, and sell it online then this group is for you.

Whether it is an ebook, videos, subscription site, home study course, webinars, live seminar or workshop, podcast, audio book, hard copy book, video blogging, or all of the above, let's mastermind and brainstorm our efforts to help each other create the best products online that bring the most value to people.

Consider each meetup is more like a workshop where we are actually working on creating our own products and online business without the overwhelm we face when you we are doing it alone.

At the beginning of each meetup, each person declares what outcome you want to accomplish during our time together along with challenges you are facing then the whole group will contribute towards helping you overcome your challenge so that you can move forward in creating your digital product, market it, and sell it online.

If you are tired seeing many of these new claimed experts popping on facebook claiming they are making millions from selling their advice online and you're not then let's crack the code together!

If you feel frustrated that your valued advice is not reaching the masses because you have not learned and applied the proper marketing strategies that these claimed experts have mastered then let's figure it out! If you are like most experts overwhelmed by so many marketing strategies out there and not sure which method to follow or where to start, then let's use the power of the mastermind to break the code, get clarity, draw a road map, and hold each other accountable through out the process. If they can do it, so can we!

This group is not for "get rich quick" or "do nothing and make money online" or "fake experts" who provide no value to the market place, or people who are not invested in their own personal development.

I look forward creating together!

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