The First PhD Showcase: Collaboration, Emotion, Medicine, Business, Romance


Three PhD candidates will be presenting their research. Each candidate will speak for 15 mins and then participate in a 15 min Q&A.

1. Are We Feeling The Collaboration Yet?

Collaboration is critical in organisations but most of the time we think about the rational, cognitive part of it - what do people think? This research explores not just how people think when they are sharing their knowledge, but how they feel - emotion, jokes, power, authority, and trust. How can this broader view make us better collaborators?

Dean Leith is a final year doctoral student and lecturer in Digital Information Management at UTS, undertaking research into organizational knowledge sharing. He has over 20 years’ senior management experience in media and digital publishing and specialist expertise in information management. His research interests include knowledge sharing, phenomenology and practice theoretical approaches to knowledge and information.

2. The Business Of Medicine

We all play many roles in our lives and medical practitioners are no different. How do surgeons in private practice navigate the dual roles of 'doctor as clinician' and 'doctor as entrepreneur'? What does this mean for the information practices of individuals? How do professions and their members self-regulate?

Shona Gallagher is a director of a private surgical medical practice at St Vincent's Clinic Darlinghurst which specialises in the treatment of Head and Neck Cancer and Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS). She completed a Masters in Arts Information and Knowledge Management at UTS in 2015.

3. Romance In The Margins

Romance fiction is the highest-selling genre in the world, yet the least collected by libraries. How do the practices and policies of cultural institutions – such as libraries and publishers – marginalise the fiction? And how does the marginalisation of the fiction impact the readers and the creators?

Vassiliki Veros has been a librarian for over two decades and was a founding member of NSW Readers' Advisory Steering Committee. Vassiliki was a regular guest on The Blurb on ABC’s 702Sydney radio where she discussed books, libraries, blogging and fiction with host Linda Mottram, and is now an occasional guest on the BookThingo podcast while she is in the final stages of her thesis writing.