• ISSA of WI-Patch Tuesday 9/10 with ShmooCon Founder Bruce Potter and more

    3:00 PM - Bruce Potter, Founder of ShmooCon and CISO of Expel 4:00 PM - Michael Gutsche, Chief Security Strategist of Microfocus 5:00 PM - A Senior Technical Authority from Carbon Black Bruce Potter will speak on: Your path to “now:” translating a lifetime of learning into cyber risk management Your path to “now” is unique. Maybe you’ve got a computer science degree or even an information security degree. Or maybe your classrooms were basements, garages and the Internet as you wrestled knowledge from every nook and cranny you could find. Somewhere along the line you got a job (and perhaps some on-the-job training to go with it). Whatever path you took, it led you to ISSA Wisconsin … and this talk. How you (and we as an industry) defend against attackers is a product of y(our) experiences. It’s a tired cliche, but attackers are humans. And it’s our diversity of human experience that hardens our organizations against attackers and makes cybersecurity so interesting. In this talk I’ll walk through my own journey – from pulling cable in Alaska’s coal mines to contracting with the US government, helping run a hacker con and wearing the CISO hat. Like many people, I’ve seen a lot of shtuff and it’s given me a unique perspective. Drawing on my own experience I’ll highlight how you can: *Translate your own experience into making better cyber risk decisions *Identify blank spaces you want to fill in tomorrow, next week and in the next decade *Learn something new from mistakes you made years ago *Find others with experiences that make you smarter and stronger By looking at your own “now” from a new perspective you’ll learn how your own experiences can make our industry stronger and more resilient than any tool, tactic or procedure. Bruce Potter is Expel’s (expel.io) chief information security officer (CISO). He’s responsible for cyber risk management and ensuring the secure operations of Expel’s services. He also remains perpetually frustrated that employees pronounce CISO not-the-way-he-wants. Previously, Bruce co-founded Ponte Technologies, a cybersecurity research and engineering company that worked with organizations ranging from hedge funds to intelligence agencies. Bruce sold Ponte Technologies to the KeyW Corporation where he served as CTO for two years. In another life, Bruce founded the Shmoo Group and helps run the yearly hacker conference, ShmooCon (shmoocon.org), in Washington, DC. Bruce has co-authored several books and written numerous articles on security (or the lack thereof). He is a regular speaker at DefCon, Blackhat, and O’Reilly Security as well as private events at the US Military Academy, the Library of Congress and other government agencies. ***The Michael Gutsche and Carbon Black presentations will be posted in detail ASAP*** 6:00 PM-8:00 PM Happy Hour and Buffet is confirmed