ISSA-11/12 starring Tina Hauri, Alyssa Miller, Yuliana Bellini and Proofpoint

New Berlin Ale House

16000 W Cleveland Ave · New Berlin, WI

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The ISSA of WI invites you and your colleagues to our Fall Harvest Festival on Patch Tuesday 11/12 (3 x CPEs) starring:

3:00 PM: Tina Hauri, ex-CISO of the City of Chicago, ex-CISO of Aon and
Professor at Northwestern University

3:45 PM: Alyssa Miller, Speaker at BlackHat, CircleCityCon, many BSides, The Diana Initiative and is the Manager of the Information Security Practice at CDW

4:30 PM; Yuliana Bellini, Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Hold Security

5:15 PM: Daniel Howerton, Sr. Threat Analyst of Proofpoint
Tina Hauri will speak on: “CyberEthics: Just Because You Can...DON’T!”

Where do ethics fit in building and sustaining your reputation? IT professionals impact the workplace and society in general, often holding “escalated privilege” meaning an even higher ethical standard is expected. Our session will explore recent situations and highlight the importance of clear boundaries in today's data driven climate.
Alyssa Miller will speak on: "Breaking and Entering: A Hacker's Guide to Restoring Consumer Trust": Data Breaches. Privacy Exposures. Questionable Ethics. Today’s technology news is dominated with spectacular story lines that would make even the most daring screenwriter raise an incredulous brow. Pinnacles of brand success, such as Facebook and Google, are experiencing a consumer trust crisis resulting from failures to protect consumer privacy. The concept of “digital transformation” makes it possible to collect and use information in remarkable new ways, but it also increases the risk that the information could be compromised or abused.

As organizations seek to better monetize their business capabilities, requirements for data and privacy protection can seem inhibitive. How can technology be applied to uphold consumer trust and satisfaction while simultaneously supporting continued business evolution? Join real-world hacker and security evangelist Alyssa Miller as she identifies critical issues that have prevented businesses from adequately meeting the standards of security and privacy their customers have come to expect.
Yuliana Bellini will speak on Threat Intelligence Hunting – Using Offense to Improve Defenses

We all use traditional pen testing and traditional threat hunting to secure our environment. Yet security incidents still happen, either as targeted, random, or unintentional attacks. Working in Hold Security, I am a part of a team that keeps discovering some of the high profile breaches. Based on this experience, I would like to share some of the practical examples how thinking outside of the box and employing advanced threat intelligence and threat hunting techniques helped me to achieve a great success. Being step ahead often determines who wins the game.

Yuliana combines in her experience from several different fields making her an invaluable asset as a Cyber Intelligence Analyst at Hold Security. As a Dark Web expert, she goes out in a fray where not many professionals dare to enter, handling the most notorious hackers with technical and psychological skills.
Dan Howerton will speak on: The Evolution of the People Centric Threat Landscape – Please join us for thrilling discussion from one Proofpoint’s leading threat researchers discuss the ever changing threat landscape. We will be discussing how the landscape has evolved and how the current threat actors are leveraging your people to gain access to your data and information. We will be sharing some good stories around the threat landscape that will allow you to learn, share a few laughs as well as become better educated on the current threat landscape
6:00 PM until ? : Happy Hour Open Bar and Buffet for Harvest Fest 2019 !