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What is the Purpose and Intention of this Meetup Group?

Our world is experiencing profound and significant change, and we are all feeling it on many levels. Change, whether we are choosing it or it's being thrust upon us, can be challenging ... or not, depending on you and how you relate to it.

The intention of this MeetUp Group is to support individuals as they awaken to how essential they are to the process of transformation that is resulting for all the changes that are going on, on all levels, on our beautiful planet. By viewing the process of change holistically, drawing on science and spirituality, it is possible for each of us to play a vital role in healthy change.

This group is here for those who are committed to awakening to the truth, about who we are and what we are capable of doing. Members of this group are motivated by, at the very least, a willingness to ascribe to these beliefs:
• I am directly responsible for the circumstances of my life.
• I create my life experience with my beliefs and thoughts, even if I did not or do not know it.
• I acknowledge that there is a higher intelligence that is, was and always will be present in all aspects of my experience and responding to my free-willed choices, even if I did not or do not know it.
• I acknowledge that this intelligence is always offering to me the best in life, and my goal is to remove any and all blocks to that flow of “the best.”
• As a result of this profound and innate offering of the highest and best experience, every single thing that is happening or has ever happened or will ever happen in my life experience is always an opportunity to further understand the truth of who I am as it is being revealed to me through the circumstances, people and conditions inherent in these experiences.
• Thoughts and emotions are inestimable in the process of life, and there is nothing outside of me that I require to live a fulfilling and joyous life.
• My inner world is vitally important and potent because it is what is out-picturing as my outer world.

This is an interactive group – members and participants are expected to demonstrate their desire to pursue their greatest expression. This is a group for those who are committed to reaching higher, releasing old beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve, and to doing the work that each of us can do, to participate in taking Humanity to its next level. This group is calling to those who truly want to not only change themselves, they desire to be a catalyst for positive change in the world. The opportunity is here to move from philosophy to mastery in our work.

When we identify and clarify goals, while broadening our understanding of the truth about Life and giving ourselves permission to reconnect with the power that is inside and accessible to every single one of us, we identify and release blocks as the process evolves, to realize our hearts desire.

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