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Workshop #2: Advanced AKS configuration

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Workshop #2: Advanced AKS configuration


Dear community,

Welcome to the second workshop in the series of AKS related workshops!
This time, we will focus on advanced configuration aspects of AKS cluster and you will learn:

  • how to deploy AKS into your Private Virtual Network
  • how to configure multiple node pools for system and user workloads
  • how to deploy aad-pod-identity and how to enable pod identity for your applications
  • how to deploy and configure nginx ingress controller and how to configure ingress for your services
  • how to configure egress traffic
  • how to expose your AKS publicly with Azure API Management
  • how to upgrade your AKS cluster

Workshop is organized as a combination of theoretical blocks and labs. The preliminary agenda can be found here

Estimated time for completion is between 3 and 4 hours.

Please spend some time before the workshop and make sure that you have installed/registered/configured all prerequisites.

Detailed information about prerequisites can be found
In short, you need:

  • a PC
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Visual Studio, VS code, VS, Rider or IDE of you choice
  • install .NET Core 5 SDK or later
  • an active Azure account
  • installed az cli
  • installed Docker
  • installed git

This workshop is rated level 200 with a target audience of developers and architects working with Azure infrastructure.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Evgeny Borzenin
Microsoft Azure MVP


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