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What we’re about

Infrastructure Coders is for everyone who operates in the Infra as Code space. From Systems Engineers to Software Engineers, DevOps & Site Reliability Engineers, all are welcome.

We get together as a community every couple of months to discuss our own Infrastructure as Code journeys, usually through a couple of speakers sharing what they have been working on within their own organisation.

All of our speakers aim to take you through their journey with detailed technical rundown that goes for just the right amount of time to keep the audience engaged but also long enough for them to ask questions and go home with learning takeaways.

We are often discussing; Microservices, Containers & Container Orchestration (Docker, Rancher, ECS, Kubernetes) the latest in Infra as Code tooling (Terraform, Cloud Formation, Ansible, Puppet, Chef) cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP) and we are all here to share ideas and tips and to help one another.

Reserve yourself a seat and come and join our community.