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Infracoders is for Infrastructure people, Systems Administrators, Developers, DevOps, Web Operations Engineers, all people who build high traffic websites. This group is for users of Config Management systems like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, CFEngine and others to share ideas and tips.

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Infracoders Melbourne meetup July

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Please join us to talk about anything related to infrastructure as code. Reece have kindly offered to host the July meetup and will supply food and beverages.

We're excited to visit the newly opened Reece office in Cremorne. Right next to the Cherry Tree Hotel.

Please consider others and if you have any signs of illness such as sore throat, runny nose etc, do stay home.

We usually have 2 technical talks per meetup. We start at 6pm and will be finished by 8pm.

Talk #1 Jason Brown from WithYouWithMe https://twitter.com/CloudyOpsPoet

You want snakes? Because this is how you get snakes.
Terraform antipatterns that have made me absolutely furious.

Talk #2 Dawn E. Collett from Innablr

Using Infrastructure as Code tools to define ownership and responsibility

The way that your organise your infrastructure as code can either accelerate development, or add layers of unnecessary dependency. Not only is it important to split your infrastructure up in a way that reflects your internal ownership model, you also need to know when to use which infrastructure as code tool. As well as native tools like CloudFormation and ARM templates, cross-platform IaC tools like Terraform and Pulumi, and config management tools such as Ansible, it's now possible to generate both CloudFormation and Terraform using Cloud Development Kits. The CDK approach undeniably has some advantages over traditional IaC tooling - it allows you to functionally generate templates and the resources within them, and because it supports several common programming languages, it makes it easier for devs to maintain their own infrastructure. However, it also has some major drawbacks, which make its value highly dependent on your use-case.

We'll join Ben Nguyen, the Head of Engineering at ProductCorp, as they refactor the existing Infrastructure as Code setup at their new subsidiary Fly Money to introduce sensible baselines. We'll learn about dividing responsibilities across your org to get everyone moving faster, selecting the right Infrastructure as Code tool for your use-case, and other software that can help you wrangle a large landscape of loosely connected cloud resources.

If you'd like to present please contact Matt or David with a talk topic, one paragraph description and estimate of the time you'll need.
As always, please update your RSVP as your availability changes. All venues have space constrictions for safety and comfort of Infracoders.
Please contact Matt (@geekle) or David (@dlutzy) if you'd like to present a topic relevant to the group or host a meetup at your office.

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Infracoders Melbourne June Meetup

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