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Infused Energy DFW is a Group Meeting that utilizes the synergies of Sound Healing (Quartz Crystal Bowls, Isochronic Beats (Ambient Sound), Guided Meditation, and Life Force Energy Transfers to help members overcome their dependence or addictions on substances, people, etc. The organizing force behind the transformative nature of this approach is Bryan C., who has experienced firsthand the benefits of this eclectic collection of techniques and has a passion for bringing it forward to help those who still suffer or just want more meaning in their lives.

The core principles include a goal of uncovering and identifying the set of covert limiting beliefs taken on in childhood and transmuting them into truths that serve your momentum forward. As these beliefs are changed for the higher good, the path to meaning and purpose becomes less obscured and more evident.


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Many methods and traditions from the East (Buddhist principles, Chi, Law of Karma, mindfulness) and the West (Group Talk Therapies, REBT, CBT, etc.) will be employed and continually refined. The one sure dynamic in life is Change and this group will always be open to evolve.

If you are new to the rapidly growing field of energy medicine or have been practicing or receiving treatment and have had issues and/or struggles with the many forms of addiction and dependence this is a group you should visit and try on for size. This group could be ideal for those open-minded people who have not found other recovery groups a good fit.

Topics will vary from overviews of different modalities (Reiki, Quantum-Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique, ThetaHealing etc.) to guided techniques for easing oneself into a deep meditative state (like alpha or theta) for an improved state of well-being. Other topics will include mindfulness, forgiveness, radical acceptance, staying in the "NOW Moment", and other highly practical subjects that you can apply to your daily life and enhance your experience.


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