What we're about

This MeetUp group is for the 15 to 20% of the population who are the Sensitives and Empaths. This is a group for anyone interested in understanding their sensitivity better and getting to know others like themselves. In addition to sharing the challenges of 'empathness' and sensitivity we will explore how we can fine tune our skills, what they are good for and how they complicate our thinking and our lives, how we might use these traits to help others, how to ground ourselves, some very helpful energy techniques, and more. Ideas are always welcome for additional topics.

Meet other local people who have Empathic and healing abilities. We will hone our skills and learn from each other.

Highly Sensitive People tend to be overstimulated with sensory stimulation (such as too much light or loud sounds or scratchy clothing, as well as other sensory input) that is not as problematic for the rest of the population. Many of these people can sense the feelings or physical symptoms of a very close friend, relative, spouse or partner.

Empaths additionally often feel or take on the emotions and energies of others. Where Sensitives often sense the thoughts and feelings of those they feel close to, Empaths can pick up the vibes of perfect strangers, can know things without knowing WHY they know them. People who identify themselves as empaths are quite sensitive to the physical pain and/or emotions of others and literally feel these on a regular basis. It may come on as physical sensations in the empath's body, or you may even hear or 'just know' what others are thinking or feeling.

If living among the less sensitive, other 80% of the population has made you somewhat shy about getting together with others, this will be a safe haven for you.

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