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"Inner Balance Meditation" is a virtual space dedicated to sharing conscious, meditation-related and/or non-affiliated (no specific religious orientation) but spiritually uplifting and nourishing opportunities with the larger Chicago and suburban (north and northwest) community.

INNER BALANCE itself is a physical space that is dedicated to encouraging conscious, compassion-filled, vital lives. Classes, recurring events and a range of coaching and therapeutic treatments are available at Inner Balance in Northbrook and Chicago. Many events are free or donation based. More information about Inner Balance can be found at www.innerbalancenow.com.

A monthly 90-minute guided meditation session, open to the public, is led by Ellen Radha Katz, psychotherapist and meditation teacher. Each week is unique. The session often begins with gentle breath awareness and/or yoga based stretching for centering, followed by a deep guided meditation. Other instructors contribute to the sessions, in such areas as Mindfulness, Chakra Balancing, Present Time Consciousness, Jin Shin Jitsui, Reiki, Kirtan (bhakti yoga through devotional chanting) and other practices.

At times this Meetup will share information about a program that is happening elsewhere but may be of interest to some of the Inner Balance Meetup members. They are endorsed by this Meetup.

Ellen can be reached personally for further information here as the coordinator, or at her website: www.ellenkatz.net.

Upcoming events (5+)

Singing Bowl Sound Meditation

Inner Balance

We will begin with a brief grounding meditation and breathing exercise, then gently transition into the sound healing meditation. Quiet your mind and relax your body with the beautiful sounds of multiple Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Let the unique sound and vibration of each bowl wash away what is energetically no longer needed. You will feel grounded, relaxed and refreshed following this wonderful experience. Please consider making a generous donation to support the ongoing existence of INNER BALANCE, and to offer some support to the facilitators who contribute their time, energy and gifts to make these sessions available to the public. A $10-$20 donation per session is suggested. If for some reason you can't make it after you've RSVP'd "yes" - please change your RSVP to "no" so someone else can have your spot! Thanks!

Exploring Your Life Mission

Inner Balance

Why am I here? What am I here to do? Who am I here to become? If these questions are relevant for you, Join us for this Life Mission Session. Each Session is custom created for, and with, those in attendance. Join us to deepen inspiration, grow your voice, increase your confidence, courage and impact in the world. We will explore: • Clearly defining and recognizing what you want in your life • Uncovering and embracing You, and your uniqueness • Empowering you to continue taking action and stay the course Investment: Your willingness to more fully know and appreciate who you are! Fee by donation RSVP: Sarah Karnes[masked], Email: [masked] https://sarahdkarnes.com

The Bhakti Caravan KIRTAN at the Infinity Foundation

Infinity Foundation

Kirtan is a form of meditation that includes the call and response singing (chanting) of sacred mantras. This style of devotional practice/meditation originated in India many thousands of years ago, and is rapidly becoming popular throughout the world. In repeating the syllables of these mantras, a trance-like atmosphere is formed, allowing the mind to be released from its typical machinations and bondage. Opening the heart, enhancing body regulation through breath and sound, and experience the inclusive fellowship are all part of this cumulative, opening experience. The Bhakti Caravan, led by Radha, has been leading Kirtan throughout the Chicago area and the Midwest since 2009. The band takes simple mantras and traditional chants, adds a world music flavor to them and includes the « audience » as part of the experience. We share Kirtan at the Infinity Foundation as a fund raiser for this wonderful non=profit organization. We would be honored to have you join us.

Guided Meditation for Inner Balance & Quieting the Mind - with Ellen Radha Katz

Every third Tuesday of the month when she's in town, Ellen (Radha) offers a gentle, guided healing meditation. Beginning with gentle stretching and moving into breath awareness, Ellen guides us through a journey into our pre-conscious and subconscious selves. Through her gentle voice and intentional words, she creates a space where our individual capacities for healing and love reside. There is no rigid structure, only an organic process that builds a bridge connecting us intimately with ourselves, cultivating a sense of conscious, safe community and providing an experience of deep restoration. Ellen Is both a licensed psychotherapist and an experienced meditation instructor. She includes teachings from many traditions in her guided meditations, having been immersed in many spiritual traditions over the course of her life. Please be mindful about canceling your RSVP if you need to change it! Please consider making a generous donation to support the ongoing existence of INNER BALANCE, and to offer some support to the facilitators who contribute their time, energy and gifts to make these sessions available to the public. A $10-$15 donation per session is suggested.

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Mindfulness Meditation

Inner Balance

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