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Saturday Morning Yoga
Simple Saturday Yoga Practice with Yolanda At: Inner Guidance House 10:00AM - 11:30AM 6409 Spicewood Ave Austin, TX 78759 (831)[masked] [masked] Saturday morning is the perfect day to unplug for an hour and recharge your body and mind through easy postures that warm up, loosen and nurture the body in order to ease the mind. . No flexibility required! Yolanda Calle trained out of Northern California where she has taught classes and led retreats since 1999. She now practices Oriental medicine and teaches donation based yoga, meditation and energy work classes in the Austin area. For more information and booking information visit:

Inner Guidance House

6409 Spicewood Springs Rd. 78759 · Austin, TX

What we're about

Inner Guidance Church is a platform to explore a deeper connection to all aspects of life. Come to share your stories, feel higher energies, or just come to learn and grow. Topics like; how to manifest your desires, how to create powerful relationships, how to become more financially abundant, how to ascend your soul, how to create your intuitive connection to attract positive situations into your life, what's the purpose of life , how to heal yourself and others, contacting Your Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and so much more!

We discuss many topics from a universal perspective and give you steps on how to implement them into your physical lives! With so many different topics to choose from, we know you'll be happy you joined.

We do many energy healings and energy meditations! Our ability to anchor in higher dimensional energies for meditations is incredible and truly a wonderful experience. Our meetups are in casual environment with a classroom format or outdoors with high energies, great participation, and lots of FUN FUN FUN! You can pick and choose which topics interest you. Receive the tools you need to raise your vibration and fill yourself with love and light.

IT IS ALSO A GREAT SOCIAL SCENE to meet new friends and share your experiences. There are lots of wonderful people to meet and socialize with.

Some of the topics we cover are:

*How we can become happier

*Who we are

*Why we are here

*What are our capabilities

*How we can heal

*How we can find our passion

*How we can bring more love into our life

*What are the benefits to meditation and what are the different ways to meditate

*How we can connect with the Masters

*How we can talk with the Angels, Masters and God

*How we can ascend our soul

*How we can clear negative energy

*How we can manifest what we want

*How to bring more joy into our life

*What is a healthy lifestyle

*How to empower yourself, your child, your life

*How to have more abundance and prosperity

*How to live in harmony

*How to build sustainably or in harmony with nature

*How to design your space to enhance your life

*How to bring yourself into alignment

*How to use energy to heal others

*How to ground yourself

And so many others!

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