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Pranic Healing clinic and Twin Heart Meditation for Inner Healing&Global Peace Dear Group, We, a simple group of Pranic Healers, have taken the commitment to offer you this great opportunity to experience a powerful meditation and energy healing to bring peace to your life. Agenda 18:30 - Welcome to the Twin Hearts Meditation 19:00 - Pranic Healing Clinic 20.00 - End session Meditation On this meditation you will release stress, physical pain, emotional discomfort, mental noise, it is really a great opportunity to heal your life. This meditation is also called Meditation for Global Peace because what we actually do during the meditation is to bless the entire earth with loving energy. This meditation will help you to remember a happy moments in your life, to activate your heart and crown energy centers. If you do not know nothing about this subject, just come to the meditation to learn and evolve your spirituality. This is also an opportunity to experience illumination, it is truly a gift from the great beings, this are the words of Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. Pranic healing clinic- Come to try pranic (energy) healing After the meditation several advanced pranic healing will offer to do healing. Pranic Healing was formally introduced by Master Choa Kok Sui. He is considered the Master for Subtle Energies for his ability to produce healing on people. You can come and attend both the meditation and receive a healing or only to one part. Invite your friends, love ones and your family, you are all welcome, With deep happiness and fulfillment, Peter.s. and Pranic Healers in Brussels. Donations: 10 EUR to pay for the rent of the room. If you temporal economical issues you can come and do the meditation for free. Donations are collected at the end of the meditation. Considerations: - People under 16 years old cannot practice this meditation. - Pregnant woman cannot practice this meditation - People with glaucoma, heart or blood pressure problems, cannot practice this meditation. If you have any of these issues we invite you to ask for individual pranic healing sessions first.

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