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InnerDance will open portals to the SELF. like a Shamanic Journey, lay down and
We will lie down, listen to music, enter non-ordinary states of healing consciousness.

The Love Dome

200 Lincoln Blvd. · Venice, CA

What we're about

Feeling blocked? Unclear? Unable to see the big picture? You know there is more to HERE and NOW than what your thoughts and emotions are telling you. But trying harder isn't doing the trick. Reading the new self improvement books are still leaving you in your mind. An awakening and a surrounding may be necessary to shift to a new awareness. An awareness that is on a whole different plane from your normal mind. INNER JOURNEY supports that shift and assists in journeying to a whole different playing field.

This INNER JOURNEY is based on a Shamanic practice from the Philippines called Inner Dance. It's very simple: Lie down, listen to the music, and Trust the Process. The Inner Dance is not a physical dance (your body may or may not move.) The hour playlist is designed to shift your brain state. There is nothing “to do” except allow.

It is about dropping behind our masks and conditionings; so we can experience who we are... beyond, under, above or however it is sensed...

It is a way of perceiving parts of reality as they truly are ~ as ENERGY, VIBRATION and as FREQUENCY. This experience creates a state of connection to yourself, other Inner Dance participants and the Universe.

Inner Dance is a journey into the unknown. An unlearning. A re-remembering. A returning home to the infinite wisdom of the soul.

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