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Welcome to The InnerVersity of You!

Join us and learn the fundamentals of Neuro-linguistic Programming!

Located in Metro Denver, we are a non-profit group of Psychonauts, bio-hackers, and individuals who are interested in fine-tuning our co-creating potential.

All levels welcome!

Our Meetups are live hands-on workshops and experiential training. They are not "sit and take notes" lectures. We are all about having fun with lots of hands-on, skills building and interactive practice! Our group mission and one of our primary functions are to foster a fun, supportive and interactive environment where we will each have the opportunity to learn and practice the NLP tools in small groups. While rehearsing both client and practitioner roles, you will each have the opportunity to learn NLP techniques while personally experiencing this powerful life transforming technology. The only requirement is to have a sincere desire to learn and have fun. Create a better life for yourself and loved ones, join us to do the drills to get the skills!

NLP requires - some - practice to fully integrate these profound reprogramming technologies into your personal and professional processes. By targeting any specific places, we feel "stuck" or unsatisfied we will learn how to use NLP to reprogram our psyche's conscious and unconscious patterns. Equally, we will also be learning how to assist others in their processes.

At its core, NLP is a system of patterning behavior based on a highly effective solution-oriented approach. By modeling processes that are proven successful for those who have mastery, we can experience extraordinary communication results. NLP is an advanced form of communication that is based on how the central nervous system encodes experiences.

What will you learn? - Throughout the course of these meetups, you will learn to:


You will acquire the ability to create major breakthroughs for yourself and others in only minutes.

You will receive skills that will have a profound impact on your life and can be used in your everyday personal and professional interactions.

You will attain the capability to use the NLP applications, with individuals, groups and perhaps most importantly on yourself.

You will gain skills that empower, transform and expand your life experience.

You will expand your depth of understanding and awareness in communication on all levels.

You will learn applications to focus attention and achieve high-performance states.

You will learn to gain the ability to dismantle your fears and especially the fear of failure.

You will learn how we learn and experience what we do.

You will master the ability to reframe meaning and experience.

You will obtain the ability in self-application to manage and self-regulate state consciously.

You will attain an understanding of Metaprograms.

You will practice and learn modeling and pacing technologies.

You will learn valuable rapport-building techniques.

you can learn how to reprogram Your Own Mind For unlimited potential.

Explore the power of conversational NLP.

You will boost your private practice and expand your range of techniques and applications.

You will have the opportunity to meet and Network with other interested in NLP in the area.

You will explore and attain the secrets of advanced change techniques.

You will meet and network with others in the area.

You will discover ways to close Resistant Clients Easier.

Sell More Effectively In Person, Over The Phone, or In Writing

Create instant and rapid change that works!

Gain an understanding of how to improve your relationships.

NLP is a technology for maximizing performance in any area of life where human interaction occurs

Learn how to quickly break through limiting beliefs and fears.

Learn to decode the matrix of communication and human behavior and know what truly drives influence

Understand how to create excellent results across every area of business, relationships, and life!

You will learn to develop the elite levels of emotional intelligence to maximize your performance

You will get access to the most advanced tools of the mind to unlock peak performance.

Decode the unconscious drivers of human behavior and decision making factors

Know how to communicate with clarity, and authentically lead others and make the impact in the world you really want to

How to eliminate negative emotions like Guilt and Anxiety in less than 30 seconds.

How to eliminate a phobia in less than five mins.

How to overcome any objection using the art of reframing.

If you’re reading right now, we would love to personally invite you to join InnerVersity of You NLP SupportYou (
https://www.meetup.com/InnerVersity-of-You-NLP-Alliance/) and attend our FREE Meet Up's!


Send your questions and the specific topics about NLP you are interested in learning, and we will be sure to work them into upcoming meetings.

I'm excited to see you all very soon!

Daniel Whitney AS, BS

MS (In progress)

NLP of the Rockies Certified NLP Practioner (https://nlpoftherockies.com/)

HeartMath Add+❤️️Certified Facilitator Practioner (https://store.heartmath.com/add-heart-facilitator)

NeurOptimal Advanced Certified NeuroFeedback Trainer/Practioner (https://neuroptimal.com/)

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (https://www.nasm.org/become-a-personal-trainer)

Founder InnerVersity of You Ministries, a private not-for-profit ministry of peace.

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If you have any other questions about InnerVersty of You, coaching or training feel free to contact me directly

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