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"This group is for those interested in personal growth and understanding how we think and feel about ourselves. How many of us really understand our emotions and feelings? Things like Anxiety, Fear and Depression can stop us from being who we really want to be. I've started this group to meet up with like minded people who are either on their spiritual journey or anyone who wants to start. The Enneagram is great tool on a Metaphyscial and spiritual level".


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Hello Everyone, Come along and bring your friends. What's it all about? The Enneagram personality system is about discovering Welcome to Perth Enneagram and Personal Development Workshops Meetup. What's it all about? The Enneagram personality system is about discovering and learning more about yourself and others. There are 9 personality types. Perfectionist, Helper Carer, Motivator, Individualist, Observer, Loyalist, Epicure, The Boss and The Peacemaker. With some knowledge and understanding of the Enneagram system you can develop a deeper relationship within yourself and this will be reflective of all sorts of situations around you. What will we cover? We will cover the Enneagram: an introduction to the diagram, its formation and how to use it. Plus a simple breakdown of the personality types. By the way you can use the Enneagram as a basic tool for interesting fun with friends or you can go further with your interest and develop tools for deeper growth, like a huge amount of people around the world. Yes, this is a well known world wide education and training tool, used in many companies and businesses Who will be hosting? Vicki Baccini is an accredited master teacher and facilitator with Moving Forward Australia and The International Enneagram Association in USA, with 18yrs experience. Contact: Vicki Date: Wed 4th Sept 2019 Time: 630pm til 800pm Venue: The Vic Hotel Hay St Subiaco upstairs in the Board Rm. Fee: $5 Email: [masked] Facebook: Innerself Australia Website: www.movingforwardaustralia.com Www.enneagrampersonalityplus.com.au Meetup: Perth Enneagram and Personal Development Workshops

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